Best Planners on Amazon

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If you’ve ever been on Amazon, you know that it’s a magical place with some amazing items up for purchase. That includes some of the best planners. There are a lot of planners in the world and there are a ton of places to buy a planner, but Amazon is one of the best for comparing several different planners easily and having access to the ones that are more difficult to find.

If you’re looking for one of the best planners that won’t cost you a ton of money, one of these 12 planners could be just what you’re looking for. Each one is under $50 and can easily be shipped right to your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a large planner to track everything or a simple one with just enough room for notes and your schedule, you’ll find the one for you on Amazon.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

Best Planners on Amazon

Erin Condren LifePlanner on Amazon.

If you don’t want to bother with personalization or weren’t able to purchase a LifePlanner before the stock ran out, Amazon has you covered. You can get the LifePlanner and all of its fun colors, motivational quotes, and easy to use layouts quickly and easily. On Amazon, you can buy the LifePlanner for about $45.

UPStudio Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

UPStudio Planner, $40* on Amazon.

The planner from UPstudio is the epitome of clean cut and focused. This planner comes in a great hardbound cover with a ribbon bookmark to mark your place. The weekly layout was designed to be molded to your individual life and needs so you don’t end up with a planner that doesn’t properly fit. The UPstudio planner is $40 on Amazon.

Bloom Daily Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Bloom Daily Planner on Amazon.

Bloom Daily Planners are great for anyone who loves to set goals and make organized to do lists. There are several cover options available on Amazon and all of them are so pretty and fun. Depending on the planner you choose, you can purchase a Bloom Daily Planner for approximately $20.

Panda Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Panda Planner, $37.97* on Amazon.

If you’re an overachiever when it comes to organization and planners, then the Panda Planner is for you. It’s one of the few planners out there that has monthly calendars, weekly layouts/planning, and a daily page for every day of the year. This planner has all of the sections you need for to-do lists, scheduling, planning, goal setting, and note taking. You can purchase the Panda Planner Pro for $40.

Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Day Designer for Blue Sky Planner, $29.99* on Amazon.

The Day Designer for BlueSky planners are hard to get ahold of — they tend to sell out super fast. Luckily, you can get one for yourself on Amazon and enjoy all of the focused organization, spacious weekly layouts and well-designed pages within days. This planner is weekly, and has all the space you need for each day’s schedule and to do list — and it’s only $29.99. You can also get the 2019-2018 Academic Planner in the stripe pattern on Amazon for just $39.99.

Law of Attraction Success Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Law of Attraction Success Planner, $29.95* on Amazon.

Habits and complete life balance are hard to create/maintain. The right planner can be a major help, though. The Law of Attraction Success Planner is one of those planner designed specifically with your goal and healthy habits in mind. You can track your habits, create the life you want to live, and stay on top of all of your responsibilities easily. The Law of Attraction Success Planner can be purchased for around $25.95. Planner

Best Planners on Amazon Planner, $32* on Amazon.

If you want a planner as fun and vibrant as your life, then has you covered. Their planners are just as much a fun toy as they are a planning tool. The pages are covered in unique artwork, fun secret messages, inspirational quotes, and bright stickers. It has a horizontal weekly layout that’s ideal for those who prefer less structure. You can buy the Planner for $32.

GPP Academic Year Essential Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

GPP Academic Year Essential Planner, $12.95* on Amazon.

A good planner doesn’t have to be extra fancy or elaborate. If you’re looking for something with room for you to mold it to your needs, but not be overwhelming, then the Academic Year Essential Planner is it. It has a weekly vertical layout with a daily schedule from 7 am to 10 pm, and then an open space each day with a simple dot grid. You can use it for to-do lists, tracking certain things, or taking simple notes. The Academic Year Essential Planner is available for $12.95.

Papercode Simple Elephant Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Papercode Simple Elephant Planner, $18.99* on Amazon.

This undated planner claims to up your happiness, productivity, and goal completion rate. It focuses on your goals and helping you break them down into actionable steps and keeps a fluid layout that can work for any type of person. The week is laid out in a horizontal lined space that you can organize however you want, and can be purchased for $18.99.

Moleskine Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Moleskine Planner, $22.95 on Amazon.

If you want a straight-forward planner just for your appointment dates and a few important tasks each day, then Moleskine is the best one for you. Moleskine’s planners are made with the same velvety paper and durable covers as their notebooks, and are done in a horizontal weekly layout with monthly calendars. You can purchase a Moleskine planner for about $20.

Rifle Paper Co. Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Rifle Paper Co. Planner, $28.22* on Amazon.

The ideal planner for the artsy types, the Rifle Paper Co. planner is simple and full of room to write and doodle. It has a horizontal weekly layout common in most planners and a delicate cover design that oozes personal style. It has inspirational quotes, a pocket folder, a ruler, and can be purchased for about $30.

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner

Best Planners on Amazon

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner, $24.95* on Amazon.

Productivity Planner is different from other daily planners. It focuses on your tasks, the amount of time you’ll take to complete those tasks, and doing the things that will help you accomplish your goals. There’s heavy emphasis on self-reflection and improvement as well. It’s small but mighty, and can be bought for a reasonable $25.

*Prices as of 8/3/18

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