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The Expat’s Guide To Purchasing Property In Singapore

Purchasing Property in Singapore
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(Image via Unsplash)

Purchasing property anywhere is a big deal, and Singapore is no less different. However, while owning a home in other countries might be less tasking, Singapore has many restrictions that require careful consideration. Since purchasing property in Singapore mostly favors Singaporeans, foreigners can use the following list to prepare themselves.

Purchasing property in Singapore is expensive for both citizens and foreigners. Whether you are purchasing property in Singapore for investment or dwelling purposes, there are a few critical pieces of information for all potential buyers to note before signing the dotted lines.

The following is an expat’s guide to purchasing property in Singapore.

Know About The Property You Can Purchase

Depending on who you are, Singapore has rules as to who can buy what property in the country.

Housing and Development Board (HBD) subsidies are available only to citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. HDB flats are subsidized housing units sold to the public by the government for a term of 99 years. Buyers can also purchase apartments that have been occupied for at least the Minimum Occupation Period. It is legal for foreigners to buy as many condos or apartments as they can afford.

In Singapore, foreign nationals require government permission to purchase landed residential properties like bungalows and terrace houses. The applicant’s economic contribution to Singapore must be substantial enough to warrant approval. You can also apply to the Singapore Land Authority.

Consider All The Cost Of Purchasing A Property

Buying a property in Singapore is unlike buying clothes at a discount store. It takes guts, intelligence, patience, and cash to buy the house of your dreams. Investing in real estate is a long-term venture that requires meticulous preparation. Because if you do it wrong, your debts will grow, and your savings will dwindle, wreaking havoc on your financial stability.

It’s a good idea to know how much buying a home in Singapore will cost before you start house hunting. In this way, you’ll be able to evaluate your financial situation with greater accuracy and make more informed decisions.

Know The Housing Grant Available To You

Singapore provides its citizens with a lot of housing grants and loans. It is essential to check the ones available to you to help you make the best financial decision. It is best to compare home loans and choose the one that caters to you best. You can also use tools from experts like Property Guru to compare home loan rates and make the best choice.

You don’t want to go wrong in your choice of home loans as that would affect many things, including your ability to purchase a property in Singapore.

Engage only one property agent

(Image via Unsplash)

Engage Only One Property Agent

Singapore is a very organized country. Many Singapore realtors use the same housing website. So to avoid any confusion or embarrassment, you should engage only one agent. Of course, in the case where your agent is proving a problem with me, then you can make the switch to a different agent.

Other Things To Know

An HDB Flat is a block of housing development building with flats owned by the Singapore government where the living room counts as one room. The Executive Condominium is a better-looking flat created for young people with more funds who cannot yet purchase private property.

It is important to note that Singapore citizens can own HDB Flats and private property. However, the HDB flat is compulsorily purchased first, and the citizen must have lived there for at least 5-10years before they are allowed to buy a private property. It is also important to note that no Singapore citizen is permitted to purchase or own more than one HDB flat. You must sell one to buy another.

Foreigners purchasing Executive Condominiums can only buy ECs at least ten years old.


Purchasing property in Singapore can be daunting. However, you should know that it is all about doing adequate research and seeking help when you need it. This list has covered the crucial requirements for purchasing property in Singapore. However, it is not exhaustive on how to buy a property in Singapore.

Whatever decision or information you get, it is best to confirm from experts. However, this list is the best start to purchasing your property in Singapore.

Olivia is a property expert and professional writer who understands how tough moving internationally is, and aims to make the process easier for her readers.

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