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10 Life & Leadership Lessons From Leslie Knope

10 Life and Leadership Lessons From Leslie Knope
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Though the show ended officially back in 2015, NBC’s Parks and Recreation remains the favorite show of many. Much of the obsession with the TV show is due to the popularity of its leading lady, Leslie Knope. Leslie is beloved by many, which makes sense because she is a fearless leader with an intense love of breakfast food. Throughout the many seasons of the show, her values were unwavering, and she remained resilient in the face of every challenge thrown at the Parks Department.

Though Parks and Rec is off air now, we can still learn a lot from the important leadership lessons she taught us. Fundera created a comprehensive list of Leslie Knope’s most defining leadership traits guaranteed to make you smile (and maybe even start craving waffles!). This list is sure to leave you smiling and feeling inspired, no matter your leadership style!

10 Life & Leadership Lessons From Leslie Knope

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Last modified on April 11th, 2018

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