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PurpleTrail Meal Planner Review

PurpleTrail Meal Planner Review
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A meal planner is one of the best ways to keep track of your diet and meet your health and fitness goals — and the PurpleTrail Meal Planner is one of the best meal planners for writing down what you eat for each meal every day. In addition to having the best layout for constant meal tracking, this meal planner comes with all the customization bells and whistles PurpleTrail always provides.

Customizing Your PurpleTrail Meal Planner

Like all planners from PurpleTrail, the Meal Planner can be personalized and customized in a number of ways. You can choose the cover material you want, customize and personalize the cover design you like most, select either a colorful or neutral color scheme on the inside, and pick the size of the planner, start date, length of the planner, and whether or not you want to add on extra sections.

If you choose to add on sections, you can add up to four (each of which will add to the price and overall weight of the meal planner). You can choose between additional fitness and meal tracking, to-do lists, checklists, bill trackers, and more. You can also add stickers and a folder for additional storage and organization.

How the PurpleTrail Meal Planner Keeps You Stay on Track

PurpleTrail Meal Planner Review

Each month of this meal planner has a monthly planning page where you can write down birthdays coming up, events you have planned, and other things you need to remember. This is incredibly useful in a meal planner because birthdays and events impact your diet, so this allows you to think and plan ahead about how you’ll handle those situations. If you know you have a birthday party coming up, then you can eat healthier and lower-calorie meals leading up to it so you don’t lose progress. The PurpleTrail Meal Planner also provides monthly calendars to further help you in planning your meals.

PurpleTrail Meal Planner Review

The weekly layout is different from a traditional weekly planner. Here, the days of the week are listed in rows along the left-hand side. These intersect with columns along the top of the pages for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and to-do list. Because this is a meal planner, the to-do list is a great place to write down any groceries you need to pick up or food you need to prepare. The boxes are a generous size, so you can easily write down what you eat and even the nutrition content. There’s also a shopping list included with each week to help you stay organized in one place.

PurpleTrail Meal Planner Review

If you choose any add-ons, like the nutrition tracker, then they’re placed at the back of the planner. The PurpleTrail Meal Planner starts at $36.95.

We’re sorry to announce PurpleTrail has officially closed its doors!

Updated 8/22/23

Last modified on August 22nd, 2023

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