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inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review

inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review
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It’s no secret that we love inkWELL Press products around here. Their goal-setting pages and habit tracking are what dreams are made of, and they always have such beautiful, relaxing color schemes. The classic liveWELL planner can keep you organized with ease and help you think big-picture about your goals on a daily basis. You can imagine our (particularly MY) glee when Tonya announced last year that there would be a true Daily liveWELL Planner.

It looked something like this:

This Daily liveWELL Planner came with a lot of expectations. The weekly liveWELL Planner had set the bar fairly high after all, but of course, the daily version met and surpassed my expectations. This Daily liveWELL Planner is just as functional, useful, and well-made as all of the inkWELL Press products. Most importantly, it comes with all of the wonderful features inkWELL Press is known for.

The Daily liveWELL Planner From the Outside In

Starting right off the bat, you need to know that this planner is undated and lasts 184 days. You can start using it whenever you want, and there’s nothing wrong with skipping it on the days when you don’t need it. This makes it a perfect companion to the weekly liveWELL Planner for those times when you simply need more room to write things down. Or you can use it by itself for half of the year and purchase a second one when the first one is all said and done.

inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review

The Daily liveWELL Planner is also unique from the weekly version in its binding. It’s bound so that it will lay completely flat from start to finish. Anyone who loves notebooks or simply has to write in them a lot knows how big of a deal this is. To make this even easier, the cover is made out of heavy-duty, debossed stock paper that is actually removable. This keeps the weight of the planner down, so it’s easier to carry around.

Those Goal-Setting Pages Tho

Now on to the good stuff. The Daily liveWELL has the monthly planning pages and habit tracking that make the liveWELL such an effective planner. The difference, however, is that the daily planner doesn’t come with monthly calendars, and the goal pages are spaced further apart. They’re more for quarterly check-ins, and the habit tracker is located at the back of the planner.

inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review

These go in line with the beginning goal-setting pages at the start of the Daily liveWELL Planner. Here, you write down your plan and action steps for four checkpoints, which are included through the planner. The habit tracker is at the very back of the planner. There are 16 four-week habit trackers, which is enough to allow you to track about two habits per month throughout the length of the entire planner. When you use this daily planner in conjunction with the weekly liveWELL Planner, you have even more habit trackers at your disposal.

inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review

Daily Magic Happens

Okay, so the daily pages are obviously very different from the Weekly liveWELL Planner layouts. These pages are highly organized with an intention for every section. They’re calm and understated though, so they don’t look hectic or cluttered when you fill them out. You write the date and select the day at the very top of each page. The 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. schedule is on the right side of each page with a small break in the middle of each line to symbolize the half hour (I personally LOVE this little detail), and a notes box below there. To the left of each page is your daily focus and a to-do list broken into importance. The three sections (“Immediate,” “Important,” and “Insignificant”) are there to help you automatically prioritize your daily to-do list and focus on the most important things each day.

inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner Review

At the bottom of the page is a box for you to write down your accomplishments for the day and a scorecard where you can rate your productivity and success for the day. There are also three rectangular boxes at the very bottom of the page that are your daily boxes. Here, you can write down the healthy habits you’re trying to create so you don’t forget them, track your water, record your workout, or write down any other daily thing of importance to you.

All in all, the Daily liveWELL Planner from inkWELL Press is an effective tool with lots of organization to help you stay on track and make progress toward your goals. It’s well-made with heavy-duty paper and beautifully minimalistic. If you love the weekly liveWELL Planner, then you’ll absolutely love the daily version. The best part? You can get both instead of having to choose between them!

Buy the inkWELL Press Daily liveWELL Planner inserts now for $29.

Updated August 22, 2023.

Last modified on August 22nd, 2023

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