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Ashley Shelly Planner Review: Not Your Average Weekly Planner

Ashley Shelly Planner Review
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Weekly planners typically all resemble each other when it comes to the layout. The Ashley Shelly planner is unique though. Instead of a traditional horizontal weekly layout, each daily space is split between a customizable schedule and a to-do list. In addition, the Ashley Shelly planner is packed with useful goal-setting pages and monthly planning — not to mention it’s one of the prettiest planners of 2018.

Yearly Preparation

The Ashley Shelly planner begins with an inspiration board. Here you can envision what you want for 2018 and write down, sketch, or paste your inspirations.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

There’s also a page dedicated to meal ideas for you to reference throughout the year. Because dinner is almost always a bit of an ordeal, and coming up with recipes on the spot can be hard, this is a useful tool.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

The last part of the yearly prep is the 2018 Planning Overview. It gives you a space to see the whole year from a bird’s eye view by writing down important dates, deadlines, and plans for each month.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

Monthly Planning

Months always fly by, and that’s why planning your month out in advance is so important. The Ashley Shelly planner provides a monthly calendar with lined boxes and a monthly planning page. Here you can write down your word/mantra each month, things you intend to do more of to be happier, what you want to say “no” to in life, routines and habits you want to work on, your personal goals (with checkboxes for when they’re accomplished), special dates that month, and your monthly bucket list. Each month also has two full notes pages for you to write in.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

Weekly Organization

At the top of each week, there’s a box for you to write down the word of the month so that it remains front and center every day. There’s a large note section at the top of the left page as well for all of your weekly information needs. This is great because it keeps important info, like phone numbers and shopping lists, right where you can see them so you’re less likely to forget.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

Each day has a space for a customizable schedule, meaning you write in the times whoever you need, and a short, but focused, to do list. There’s a spot for anything due that day and for your dinner plans. Saturday and Sunday get the same space and features as the weekdays do.

The “Due Today” slot is another great feature you can use to track bills and special projects, or assignment deadlines if you’re in school. The front pocket and zippered pouch are useful holding important papers, business cards, and stickers to be used in the monthly calendars.

Who’s the Ideal User for Ashley Shelly Planners?

With such a customizable schedule, focused to-do list, and goal-setting tools, the Ashley Shelly planner is ideal for college students. Typically, college classes begin and end at wonky times, so traditional schedule times don’t work for them. And because the to-do list is six items long, it allows users to write down their most important tasks every day without getting bogged down with the less-important things that can wait for another day.

Ashley Shelly Planner Review

The Ashley Shelly planner can be purchased for $49.95, but as one of our beloved readers you can get $5 off using the code ESL5.

Last modified on January 15th, 2019

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