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Cool Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Most of us are just starting to learn how to cook more than your standard scrambled eggs and white rice, and with this new-found “sophistication” we must also expand the tools that we have in our kitchens. There are some things that are just absolutely necessary — like knives and a cutting board — but there are also so many other fun products that can make cooking much more enjoyable (and easy). Here are some of the best kitchen gadgets that’ll help you become a master chef — or just have some fun while you’re desperately trying not to overcook your red sauce.

The Ultimate Cookie Spoon

The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon, $6.99* on Amazon

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your Oreo inevitably falling into your glass of milk. If you’re tired of having to fish it out during hard-core dunk sessions, you’re in luck; meet the Ultimate Cookie Spoon. Its hook shape is designed to fit perfectly into the groove of the Oreo, allowing you to dunk it completely into the milk without fear of it sinking to the bottom. If you’re not much of a milk + Oreo person, this could also make a fun (and cheap) gift for those people in your life who just can’t get enough cookies and milk.

Nuovoware Egg Separator

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Nuocoware Egg Separator, $7.48* on Amazon

Separating egg whites and yolks can be quite the challenge, and even if you have a separator the yolk often busts and ruins the whole process. With the Yolkfish Egg Separator, you simply hover the tool over the egg yolk you’re trying to get rid of and then squeeze on the stomach of the fish. It’ll suck up the yolk, leaving both parts of your egg perfectly separated.

Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Pint Lock, $35.99* on Amazon

Have roommates or a partner who likes to eat your food while you’re away? The Ben and Jerry’s Pint Lock will keep your ice cream protected from the grips of your friends and family. Set a combination that only you know and enjoy your ice cream the right way — all by yourself.

The Sushi Bazooka

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

The Sushi Bazooka, $11.99* on Amazon

I’m a total sushi addict — like seriously, it’s a problem. And I’ve often thought about how much money and time I’d save if I could just whip up my own at home. Upon researching for this roundup I found this gem, The Sushi Bazooka. It seems pretty simple; just load your contents into the sides of the tool, close and seal it, then pop out your perfect little sushi rolls. After reading all of its glowing reviews (and looking at my bank account), I’ll definitely be purchasing one of these — and you should too.

Avocado Huggers

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Avocado Huggers, $10.95* on Amazon

I can’t be the only one who frequently craves avocado but doesn’t actually want to eat a whole one. The issue is that once you’ve cut an avocado you have to eat it all or it’ll get black and funky — and no one wants that. But what if there was something that could preserve your avocado for a few extra days? As a matter of fact, there is—the Avocado Hugger. Specifically designed to keep your avocado fresh for up to fours days after cutting it, the Avocado Hugger attaches to the exposed side and keeps out the air.

Cake + Pie Server

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Cake + Pie Server, $15.00* on Amazon

Cakes (and pies) are especially common around birthdays and holidays. There’s nothing worse than trying to get a big ole slice of your mom’s double chocolate cake and having it fall apart during the transportation from the cake plate to your own. With the Magisso Cake and Pie Cutter, you can simply slice and squeeze the handle tight to keep your dessert from falling apart. Take the hassle out of cutting sweet treats, and get yourself an all-in-one cake cutter.

Snap’n Strain

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Snap’n Strain, $15.99* on Amazon

While I’m too young to appreciate the strainer (college student here), I’ve been told by ESL’s editors that this tool is extremely innovative and cuts down on time in the kitchen. The Clip-On Strainer can fit on virtually every round pot (both small and large). Just clip and strain away, it’s as easy as that. You also get a one-year warranty on your Clip-On Strainer when it’s purchased through Amazon, so if something happens or your strainer breaks you can get a replacement free of charge.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $22.99* on Amazon

Stop running by Starbucks or McDonald’s every morning to grab breakfast and save some money by making your own breakfast sandwiches right at home. The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is broken into three sections: one for your bottom bread and anything like cheese, one for your egg, and another for the top piece of bread and other delicious items such as turkey or ham. This breakfast sandwich maker is perfect for the working woman looking to get a nutritional(ish) and filling breakfast before going out there and getting shit done.

Pizza Scissors

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Pizza Scissors, $12.75* on Amazon

Lastly, but definitely not least, is a pizza lover’s dream. It can be frustrating trying to get your slice out of the box without having most of the contents of your pizza slide off onto your plate — which just ruins the whole ratio of cheese to toppings. With these incredible Pizza Scissors you can cut and pick up your pizza slice without fear or any topping disasters.

Electric Wine Opener

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Easier

Electric Wine Opener, $26.99* on Amazon

You’ll never have to struggle getting the cork out of your wine again with an electric wine opener! All you have to do is set the opener above the cork and press and button — and BOOM, your bottle is opened in seconds. The faster you open, the fast you can drink (bottoms up, ladies).

Wine Aerator

Cool Kitchen Gadgets That'll Make Your Life Easier

Rabbit Super Wine Aerator, $14.95* on Amazon

The Rabbit Super Wine Aerator allows your to aerate the wine as it’s poured — meaning more oxygen is getting into the bottle and opening up the flavor of the wine. With this little tool you’ll have better flavor and quality wine, and it gets better with each pour. It’s made to fit on virtually all bottle types and sizes, no matter how large or small. Give yourself an excuse to drink that whole bottle of rosé tonight and purchase this fun accessory.

*Price as of 10/28/18

Last modified on November 1st, 2018

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