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HelloFresh Veggie Box Review: Love at First Bite

HelloFresh Veggie Box: Love at First Bire
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With so many meal subscription boxes on the market, how is a person supposed to choose what’s right for them?

I’ve tried several subscription boxes over the past few months. I struggled to find one that didn’t have much (if any) meat and didn’t include tofu or soy products. When I found HelloFresh, I was excited to see that all of the vegetarian meals in their “Veggie Box” rely on fruits and vegetables for the bulk of the meal. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think I might’ve found “the one.”

Swiping Right

Signing up and placing my first order was super easy. You select the day each week you want your box arrive — and when my first HelloFresh Veggie Box arrived at my house, I was impressed by how well the meals were packaged into the box.

Hello Fresh Review

Each meal has its own smaller box that includes all of the ingredients needed to make that meal. There’s also an ice pack included to keep everything fresh until it arrives.

Communication is Key

HelloFresh’s website is very user friendly. You can use the site to check out other recipes or make adjustments to your account. You can also switch to another plan if you decide to. If you’re going out of town, there’s an option to pause your box so you won’t be charged and the food won’t go to waste.

While the site has most of the information you should need, there’s a customer service chat as well as a phone number that you can use. The customer service team is very helpful and willing to answer any questions you might have.

Everyone Loves A Cheap Date

When you choose your box, you can sign up for meals for either two people or four people. In my experience, the meals for two people are large portions. I usually get three servings out of each meal.

HelloFresh Veggie Box Review: Love at First Bite

If you order the two-person Veggie Box meals, your cost is $9.83 per serving. If you order the four-person Veggie Box meals, your cost is $9.09 per serving. This may seem a little high, but remember — you’ll will know every single ingredient that goes into your meal. Plus, it ends up being cheaper than going out to lunch or dinner. You can also break the number down further if you’re able to get more servings from each meal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the box includes seasonings and everything else you’ll need to make the meal. The only thing I’ve had to use from my own pantry is olive oil.

One major thing I’ve noticed: Because the HelloFresh Veggie Box is taking six plus servings out of my grocery planning, I’m spending way less at the grocery store because I have all of the ingredients needed for these meals.

The Hand-Holding Stage

The meals come with a large, colorful recipe card that shows you what the final dish will end up looking like, as well as clear, step-by-step instructions. The recipe card tells you the difficulty level of the meal as well as the time each dish will take to prepare. As long as you can follow HelloFresh’s directions, you should have no problem making these dishes.

HelloFresh Veggie Box Review: Love at First Bite

Non-Toxic Relationships FTW

Almost everything that comes in the HelloFresh Veggie Box can be recycled. The main box and the three smaller boxes are all cardboard. The icepack isn’t recyclable, but you could definitely refreeze it and use it again.

Each meal is packaged with very little plastic — and even then, it’s included only if there are small items that need to be kept together or if the box includes seasonings. All of the larger fruits and vegetables are placed openly in the box. You simply wash them and prepare as directed.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Overall, I’m very happy with my subscription to HelloFresh. It has allowed me to try food combinations that I would normally never try — and so far they’ve all been great! If you’re considering a meal subscription box option for your family, this is definitely one to consider.

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Last modified on December 13th, 2016

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