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How to Throw a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

How to Throw an Inexpensive Bachelorette Party
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Being a maid of honor is a big responsibility for a lot of reasons — you’re literally the bride’s right-hand woman — but throwing the bachelorette party is probably the most important job of all. You want it to be epic, you want it to be memorable, you want the bride to have the best night ever — but you also want to get out without spending an arm and a leg. Here’s how to throw the best bachelorette party ever…on a budget.

Talk to the Bride About Her Expectations

If the bride is expecting a trip to Vegas but all you (and the other guests) can afford is a drunken sleepover, then you’ll have to keep it realistic. The bride should never be consulted about things like budget, but if you really can’t give her the party she requested, let her know you’re changing things up a bit. Ultimately, she will get the party you give her, even if it’s a casino-themed party at home instead of literal Vegas.

Also, talk to her about what kind of activities and decor she wants or doesn’t want. She might not like all the typical Bachelorette party stuff, like strippers and penis decor. If she’d rather have a G-rated sleepover (or if she’s a prude), you can cut out those expenses altogether and spend on food and booze instead.

Ask the Guests How Much They’re Willing to Spend

Traditionally, the MOH plans the bachelorette party and the rest of the bridal party (plus whomever else the bride wants invited) chips in to help cover the cost for everyone + the bride. So make sure the rest of the guests are aware of this before you start planning. If you’re counting on getting reimbursements from people but they end up not being able to afford it, then you’re SOL.

Make sure to keep everyone in the loop as you actually make plans and book things leading up to the big night. Someone could get excited and think they have plenty of money, only to find out they really don’t want to drop $300 at the spa. It sucks, but even just one person not being on the same page can change your plans. Make sure everyone is on the same page at all times.

Do Something Local

A weekend trip is obviously ideal, but the cost also adds up FAST. It’s just as fun (if not more) to do something different and fun in the town you live in (especially if the wedding party all lives close together). It takes the pressure off of people needing to clear their schedules for an entire weekend and frees up more cash to do fun stuff (rather than spending all your money on hotel rooms and flights).

You could do a spa day, DIY paint night, an escape room, a cooking class, a sleepover, a wine tasting, or go to a comedy show.

Take a Road Trip

If you (or the bride) have your heart set on getting out of town, pick a place that’s a drivable distance away. The road trip is half the fun, and carpooling will save everyone a ton of money rather than buying expensive plane tickets.

Bonus: If one of your friends lives in a really cool place, like Nashville or New York, save even more money by crashing at their place for the weekend.

Save Everything (and Reuse)

You never know how many times you’ll be asked to host a bachelorette party. Christine and I combined have thrown about five or six of them already. I (Elise) bought a ton of penis-themed decor and party games for the first Bachelorette party I threw a few years ago, and I’ve reused all of it twice since then. No matter what we do during the Bachelorette party, it always turns into a sleepover; so by holding onto this decor (napkins, plates, penis-shaped cupcake pans, games, etc.), I don’t have to run out and spend more money — and Bachelorette party decor is NOT cheap.

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Last modified on November 18th, 2019

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