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The Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Registries

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Like most young brides-to-be, I thought I had to register for fancy schmancy things for all my loved ones to spend their hard-earned money on. And although that was fun for me, I think I the only things from my registry I ended up getting were just two matching plates and a salad bowl. The things I picked out were too expensive.

Looking back, I wish I would’ve been realistic and only registered for items I would use every day. (Plates I wouldn’t be scared of my husband washing, for example.) Here are some guidelines to help you out with your upcoming wedding registry.

DON’T: Register at Places Where You Don’t Even Shop

If you don’t shop there, chances are your friends and family don’t shop there either.

DO: Register at Places You Frequent

This will save you time and money if you need to exchange items you received. Plus, the wedding registry process will be infinitely easier on you.

DON’T: Register for Things You Won’t Use

I know your grandmother and/or your mother have fancy china that’s displayed and only taken out on holidays. That’s perfectly fine if you want that, but I think in this day and age, we’re seeing it less and less because we want to make good use of the things we have. Plus, the china is more special if it’s handed down to you, not given to you from some third cousin twice removed.

DO: Register for Everyday Items You Know You’ll Use

Like drinkware, plate sets, towels, casserole dishes…and of course, liquor.

DON’T: Register for the Most Expensive Items in Each Store

I shouldn’t have to explain this. Do you just one want one cup? No, you want the whole set. It’s okay to pick out a few expensive items though; you might have that one rich aunt (and you know you’re her favorite).

DO: Register for Reasonable Items

It’s okay to want some nice things, but don’t go overboard. Think about what you would realistically consider spending for anyone else.

DON’T: Register Exclusively Online

Amazon is a super convenient option for many of your guests, but you might have some older wedding guests who aren’t as internet-savvy. Wedding registries should be as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

DO: Mix up the Registry Stores

It’s okay to have some items on your registry online, but include some local stores on there too. Pay attention to where the majority of your guests live — stores like Target are usually a safe bet.

DON’T: Hog all the Fun

It’s more than okay to let your better half jump in and pick things out too. Remember, this is the beginning of your life together.

DO: Make it an Outing With Your Significant Other

Because if you can’t choose what goes on your wedding registry together, how will you decide who gets what in the divorce later? (I kid!)

DO: Have Fun

It’s the start to your life together—and what better way to do that than pick to out things you want others to buy you? Happy registering!

Last modified on November 7th, 2016

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