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Best (and Worst) States for Women to Live and Work

best and worst states for women
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Lately, the spotlight has been on gender equality and women being represented in the workplace — and for good reason. This conversation got the Earn Spend Live team thinking about how each state matched up to another when it comes to these issues. It’s interesting to see how different states vary when it comes to payment, unemployment rate, and percentage of women in poverty. The highest median earnings for female workers are in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, Illinois, and Maryland; contrastingly, the lowest median earning for female workers are in Maine, Montana, Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

The states with the lowest unemployment rate for women are Nebraska, North Dakota, Vermont, Hawaii, and Minnesota. This is shocking because Hawaii has the lowest median earnings but they’re also the state with the fourth-lowest unemployment rate. The states with the highest unemployment rate are California, Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Nevada. California is noteworthy because they have a high unemployment rate and one of the lowest median earnings for women — so if you’re looking to make major bank you might not want to move to Cali right now.

Another interesting thing to note is the ranking for the greatest and least female-owned businesses in the United States. This is important if you’re considering opening up a small business and definitely should affect where you decide to set up shop. The states with the most female-owned businesses are Alaska, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia. After doing some more research, I found out that Alaska, the state with the fourth smallest population, has the greatest number of businesses run by females.

Source: WalletHub

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Featured image via WOCinTech Chat

Last modified on November 6th, 2017

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