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BurgaBox Review: A Meal Subscription Box for Burger Lovers

burgabox review
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Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

I didn’t think I was a meal subscription box kind of person (although I did mostly like Freshly) — I’m pretty picky, eating healthy is a part-time gig for me (I like my junk food), and I can’t wrap my head around an average cost of $10 a meal. However, I wanted to be a meal subscription person because I don’t like thinking of ideas for dinner and I abhor going to the grocery store.

Hellooooooooo BurgaBox

BurgaBox is a burger meal delivery kit from Boston Burger Company. Aka a food subscription that sends you a RIDICULOUS burger (and sides) that you cook yourself and then shove in your face. They offer the BurgaBox of the Month Club, themed BurgaBoxes that come with two burgers and sides, “Feast Kits” which are just the burgers, and then you can also purchase the sides separately (spotlight on those Pizza Fries tho). Here is my BurgaBox review.

Box Full of Food

My February BurgaBox came packaged in a box with cool packs so everything was still cold when I got it. Nothing was spilled or squished. February’s theme was the Muffaletta burger, which meant the rest of the box was New Orleans-themed as well.

Here’s what I got:

  • Muffaletta Burger Kit: Burger, bun, 3 kinds of meat, cheese, olive salad, lettuce, tomato, teeny butter pats
  • Jambalaya Mac & Cheese
  • Cajun fries: Fries, cajun seasoning, remoulade
  • Boston Baked Beans 
  • Coleslaw

My first thought was “Woah, they thought of everything.” The instructions call for buttering the buns, so they included teeny butter pats. Tragically, they didn’t include foil, though, which was too bad because I ran out.

Cooking Process

The first thing I did was pull out the instructions and read them all thoroughly. I noticed that the fries and mac and cheese needed to cook for about 30 minutes, while the burgers were supposed to take about 10, so I opted to prep the sides first.

Then I saw that the two sides need to be heated to totally different temperatures??? If I had actually followed these instructions to the letter, the only way to make it happen would have been to heat the mac and cheese at 350 for 25 minutes, then turn the oven up to 450 to bake the fries, meanwhile, the mac and cheese would totally cool down again. Basically, this was nonsense. Instead, I just met in the middle and cooked ‘em both at 400. What can I say, I’m a risk-taker. (They both turned out fine.)

The beef was pre-shaped into thick patties. The deli meats were thin-sliced. The potatoes were pre-wedged for the fires. The only “prep” I had to do was to slice the tomato and lettuce and season the burger and fries (with included and pre-measured seasoning).

Other than my wild improvising, everything else went pretty smoothly. The instructions were simple and easy-to-read, the ingredients were well-labeled and the food turned out better than expected.

All in all, it did take us about 30 minutes to cook dinner. A few issues: the instructions only listed two types of meat, but we got three and tbh they were impossible to identify, so we just added the third to the burger the same way. Very tasty. Also, there were no heating instructions for the baked beans — so I winged it, again!

Tasty Finished Product

Here’s a lousy phone picture so you can maybe imagine how much food there was. I could have taken a better one but the lighting in my house sucks and also I just wanted to eat (I mean look at the burger).

I did not like the olive salad. I tried it, and I don’t think it’s anything against the olive salad. I just don’t like olives.

BurgaBox is a box for two people, but we easily could have fed a third or fourth if we were willing to share our burgers. (We weren’t.) But we still ended up with leftovers. The burger was the size of my face and I couldn’t finish it — I did finish those fries, though.

This was my ranking of the food included: Fries, burger, jambalaya mac and cheese, beans, cole slaw.

My boyfriend’s ranking was: Burger, fries, mac and cheese, beans, cole slaw.

The Verdict: Is Burga Box Worth It?

Perhaps the best thing about BurgaBox was how well it paired with week-old Chardonnay. (Just kidding, nothing pairs well with week-old Chardonnay.)

My New Orleans BurgaBox was delicious and I would love to try more of their specialty creations. I will not buy BurgaBox every month (sorry, tastebuds!), but I could absolutely see myself buying it for special occasions or as a gift. The price seems high, but I think it’s fair. If you look at the Boston Burger Co menu, it’s cheaper than the box, but if you eat there, they don’t have to package everything and send it to you with instructions and cold packs.

For $15 off the BurgaBox of the Month Club, use the discount code INUVO15.

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Last modified on January 9th, 2018

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