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Love With Food vs. Graze: Which Snack Subscription Box is Right for You?

Love With Food vs. Graze: Which Snack Subscription Box is Right for You?
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Don’t you hate going to grab a snack only to discover there’s not a single healthy or satisfying thing nearby? Healthy, tasty snacks aren’t too much to ask for, but they are elusive unless you have the time to scour the grocery store shelves. And you definitely don’t want to buy a large bag of something just in case you get home to find it’s nowhere near as tasty as it looks. No, thank you.

Instead, you can sign up for a subscription box with the sole purpose of delivering tasty, healthy snacks to you. Both Graze and Love with Food provide a wide variety of healthy snacks for their members, but they’re two very different services. If you’re trying to decide which one is right for you and your snack needs, here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the two.

What They Are

Graze is all about introducing you to delicious snacks that are also good for you. They’ll deliver to your home or office once a week, and each box has eight snacks for you to nosh on.

Love with Food sends you organic, all-natural snacks too. Their boxes include eight or more snacks, depending on the plan you choose and what’s included. Bonus: They do seasonal themes with their boxes.

Cost & Value

Graze offers just one plan. You get a weekly box of eight snacks for $11.99.

Love with Food, however, has three monthly plans. The Tasting Box costs $7.99 and gets you 8+ snacks a month.The Deluxe Box is $16.99 a month and has 16-20 snacks per box. The Gluten-Free Box costs $19.99 a month and comes with 10-12 celiac-safe and mostly dairy-free snacks.

Love with Food also does an office box for $99 a month. This is for companies to order for the employees to enjoy all month. With this box, employees can choose from snacks that are paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. Each box comes with 65 snacks and 10 varieties, and each box equals 15 donated meals for those in need.

Winner: Love With Food

Health Factor

Both Love with Food and Graze provide healthy nutritious snacks for you and your family. Each snack from Graze is free of genetically engineered ingredients, artificial flavors, artificial colors, high-fructose corn syrup, and trans-fat. Love with Food’s snacks contain no artificial flavors and colors, hydrogenated oils, trans fat, high-fructose corn syrup, and are organic and all-natural.

Winner: Tie


Love with Food doesn’t provide a way for you to customize your box. Graze does though. You tell them what foods you do and don’t like, and they’ll use that to select your snacks.

Winner: Graze


Both services provide free shipping, thankfully. The main benefit with Graze is that you have some say in the foods you’re sent.

Love With Food has several benefits, despite the lack of customization. The biggest benefit is that Love With Food provides meals to food banks for every box they sell. If you choose the Deluxe or Gluten-Free boxes, they’ll donate two meals per box. They also donate a meal for each individual food item purchased from their store. By buying healthy snacks, you’ll be helping your body and others.

Each plan from Love with Food also comes with points for you to put toward purchasing a food item from their store. You accumulate points with each monthly box, and can cash them in later to get whatever snack you particularly enjoyed.

Winner: Love With Food


Neither subscription is safe for anyone with food allergies. You can tell Graze what you do and don’t like, and they’ll follow those guidelines when packing your box, but their food is all prepped in the same area and cross contaminates. Love with Food doesn’t have a way for subscribers to say what they do and don’t like.

There’s a good chance that each box will have something you don’t enjoy eating. If you have allergies or intolerances, neither snack box will work for you.

Winner: Graze

Things to Know

Before you sign up for either box, you need to have an idea of exactly what food you can expect. Graze’s website shows you exactly what foods are available. Scrolling through the list of foods, you’ll notice that most of it is some form of trail mix. There’s a trail mix in just about every flavor you could imagine. If you’re not a trail mix fan, Graze won’t be the right snack box for you.

Love With Food on the other hand, has all kinds of snacks. Healthy chips, popcorn, trail mix, granola bars, dried fruits, and even pretzel chips are just a few possible items you’ll receive. You don’t have any control over what you get from Love with Food, but you’ll receive a wider variety of snacks each month.

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Last modified on June 1st, 2017

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