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5 Reasons Jerky Should Be Your Go-To Snack

5 Reasons Jerky Should Be Your Go-To Snack
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All health nuts know the power of a tasty, satisfying, nutritious snack. Snacks that meet all of those requirements are few and far between, so options are typically slim compared to the vast chips, cookie, and candy aisles. This is especially true when you’re looking for a snack that’s healthy and high in protein.

When you work out a lot, you need a diet high in protein to repair your muscles. Maintaining a high-protein diet is easier when you can have a high-protein snack at least once each day. In my experience, the best snack for that is jerky.

There are tons of jerky brands out there; just walk into the closest gas station and you’ll find at least five different brands hanging on the racks. There’s a lot of money, leg work, and chewing required to find a brand and flavor you like. At an average $5 a bag, it’s not always wise to just test a bunch of them to see. I’ve lost a good chunk of money on these impromptu jerky experiments.

When Chef’s Cut showed up on my doorstep, I was excited to taste test a new jerky I’d never had before. I was also excited that Chef’s Cut keeps their jerky low in sodium and at a reasonable calorie amount. I’ve fallen in love with far too many jerkies that packed way too many calories.

5 Reasons Jerky Should Be Your Go-To Snack

I don’t want to seem dramatic or anything, but I 1,000% mean it when I say this is my new favorite jerky. I grew up on beef jerky, but never really found one I loved (death to the SlimJim). However, this butcher’s daughter is thoroughly enjoying the wide ranges of jerky (and bacon) created by Chef’s Cut.

Healthy and Guilt-Free

I’ll be the first to admit I have very high expectations for food. I want to make sure that what I eat makes me feel good and won’t leave me bloated, while also being tasty and satisfying. That’s a hard balance to find. Chef’s Cut jerky manages it though. Their jerky is incredibly high in protein (at least 12 grams per serving!), so it contributes to the repair of my sore quads and helps me get stronger for the next round of bloody jump lunges.

The Perfect Low-Calorie Snack

And it doesn’t leave me starving. Chef’s Cut’s jerky ranges from 70-140 calories depending on the flavor, which is less than most “healthy” granola bars in the health food aisle. This is so great for those weeks when I’m trying to get a hold on my eating habits because it doesn’t taste like it’s low calorie and it doesn’t leave my stomach grumbling at me after the last bite.

Options Galore

Chef’s Cut has eight different flavors of jerky:

  1. Original Recipe Steak Jerky
  2. Honey Barbeque Chicken Jerky
  3. Chipotle Cracked Pepper Steak Jerky
  4. Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky
  5. Teriyaki Turkey Jerky
  6. Maple Bacon Jerky
  7. Sriracha Bacon Jerky
  8. Applewood Bacon Jerky

5 Reasons Jerky Should Be Your Go-To Snack

Did I mention that they’re all unbelievably good? My personal favorites are the Honey Barbeque Chicken Jerky, Teriyaki Turkey Jerky, and Applewood Bacon Jerky. I even like flavors I don’t normally enjoy, like the Sriracha Bacon Jerky. The flavors are truly that good (in my opinion).

For me, the best part is that there’s a wide variety. I tend to need a lot of variation in my food so I don’t get bored and resort to the drive-through at Sonic. With so many options from Chef’s Cut, I can find something to satisfy whatever my taste buds are craving.

The Perfect Texture

It’s so disappointing to open a new bag of jerky only to find it’s impossible to chew without chipping a tooth or straining your jaw. There’s no way to enjoy the flavor of the meat when you have to fight the texture. Every single piece of Chef’s Cut I’ve eaten has been supple and enjoyable. I’m not baring my teeth like a cave-woman trying to rip off a piece.

Portability FTW

All jerky is portable, but I feel like this is still worth mentioning. We’re all on the go these days, and hunger hits at the most inconvenient of times. If I don’t have a snack in my purse, stashed in my desk, or sitting in my car, then I’m likely to run to the first food option available. Those options are rarely healthy.

5 Reasons Jerky Should Be Your Go-To Snack

I always keep an apple in my purse, but the problem with perishable food is you can’t forget it’s there. Jerky lasts a long time. I don’t worry about leaving a bag in my desk for three weeks or keeping a few bags in my car for months in case of real emergencies. Chef’s Cut bags are resealable, so this makes it even better for these situations.

If you’re looking for a healthy snack but don’t want to shell out a chunk of money to taste-test some jerky you’ve never had, then give Chef’s Cut a chance. I personally love the fact it’s so high in protein and that it helps me stay on the health track while also satisfying my hunger.

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Last modified on January 11th, 2018

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