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Bullymake Review: A Monthly Subscription Box for Ruff and Tuff Pups

bullymake review
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

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I used to be a die-hard Barkbox fan — and don’t get me wrong, I still love Barkbox — but unfortunately, my furry little monsters were a bit too much for Barkbox’s cutesy toys to handle. After they turned their adorable toys into ripped-up rags for the umpteenth time, I started researching other boxes — I wanted my dogs to be able to get out all of their energy by playing with their toys as long and as hard as they liked, but without tearing them to smithereens (and eating plastic and stuffing in the process; that can’t be healthy, right?).

That’s how I found out about Bullymake Box: a dog subscription box that is “designed for power chewers.” Apparently I’m not the only dog parent who’s concerned about my pups’ destroyer tendencies, because the makers of Bullymake decided to create an entire subscription box devoted to providing dogs with durable toys and tasty treats to satisfy all of their high-energy needs. It was the answer to my prayers — but will my dogs love it just as much? Here’s my Bullymake review.

The Products

Each Bullymake box includes two to three durable toys that come with the “Bullymake 100% Durability Guarantee” — which means they’ll replace any toys that are destroyed within 14 days of receiving your box. It also comes with three to four treats, chews, and healthy edibles for your dog. All of these goodies are selected based on your dog’s weight and any allergies they may have. Bullymake also guarantees that you will never receive any rawhide or plush toys — only the best for our furry BFFs!

My February Bullymake Box included:

Because I have two dogs, I love that I got the Tri-Tugger Nylon Chew — my little monsters LOVE to play tug-of-war, so this is the perfect way to play with both of them at once! I must say, the Jolly Critter squirrel-rope-thing is a little creepy looking, but my dogs took to it immediately and absolutely love it, so I guess that’s a win as well!

It is possible to get a Bullymake Box that only includes toys instead of toys + treats, but I have one dog who loves toys, and one who LIVES for treats, so I opted to get a mix of both (I do wish that it was more heavily weighted on the toy side rather than the treats, though). I was happy to see that the treats this month were soft chews (kind of like a beef jerky texture) — one of my pups won’t touch crunchy treats so they’re usually a waste. I also appreciate that Bullymake always sends one “long-term” chew treat — this smokehouse Tobbles treat is a good way to occupy one of my dogs for a few hours if I need to.

The Value: $54 Total

Considering that one month of Bullymake is $39 (or less), this is definitely a bargain. You’re getting truly high-quality toys (my dogs haven’t been able to destroy ANY of the toys we’ve gotten so far — and that’s saying something), and healthy treats and chews. It’s more than worth the cost to me to keep my babies happy — and occupied!

The Verdict: Is Bullymake Worth It?

Definitely. The ONLY issue I have with Bullymake is one of the things that defines them (so I can’t really complain): No stuffed toys. Even though they’re little monsters who destroy them and leave stuffing EVERYWHERE (seriously, how does so much stuffing fit inside a tiny toy??), they still have a freaking blast doing it. So every now and then, I still buy them a stuffed toy just to see their faces light up. I understand why Bullymake avoids them, but I do think it would be nice if they included the *toughest* of the stuffed toys — since that still stays consistent with their branding.

Either way though, they have gained a loyal customer. My dogs recognize the Bullymake box as soon as it arrives and go NUTS — I could never take that excitement away from them.

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Last modified on September 16th, 2020

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