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11 Snapchat Filters That Should Exist

snapchat filters
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Snapchat is sweeping the nation with its funny and creative filters. There’s been everything from a Marilyn Monroe filter, to an alien filter, all the way to a piece of toast filter. However, along the way, we’ve thought up some pretty clever ideas that could change the Snapchat game for the better. Here are some filters that we can’t believe don’t exist already:

1. Zac Efron

Because honestly, who doesn’t freaking love him? He’s got a dreamy face, a perfect bod, and he’s hilarious. So, we propose that Snapchat gives us the joy of pretending we’re in his arms snapping a quick “selfie with bae.”

2. Bacon

If you don’t understand why we want this filter, you may not be American. Bacon is a life-giving food that brings nothing but joy and fulfillment. When you’re having a bad day, bacon can make it better. Likewise, if you’re having a bad selfie day, a bacon filter can make YOU better.

3. Disney Princess

Every little girl dreams of growing up to be a princess at least once in her life. Snapchat should introduce filters that make you look like a Disney Princess. They could do them by the month that each Princess movie was released. And we could glow up anytime we wanted.

4. Netflix & Chill

Because literally everyone does it. If this filter existed, we could tag it onto the tons of snaps we post of the shows we’re binge-watching. That way, you can connect with people who also love to binge-watch the same shows. Maybe this filter could help you find your soulmate!

5. Junk Food

We all have those days when all you want to do is be showered with french fries or slices of pizza. So, why not have a filter that fulfills those wants and needs?

6. It’s Lit

So many people use these simple words as the caption for almost every single story they post. It just describes so many things: food, events, people, animals, cars, things that are actually lit up, things that are not lit at all… you get it. We need it.

7. Countdown to Christmas

In case you didn’t know, we are huge lovers of Christmas around here. So why should the countdown be confined to the first 25 days of December? Snapchat should introduce a Christmas Countdown all 365 days of the year.

8. Zodiac Signs

Don’t lie, you totally embrace your zodiac persona. You could be a loud, fiery Leo or a quiet, mysterious Capricorn — either way, some days your horoscope is on point and you’re feelin’ it. There should be a filter to express those days when the stars align.

9. Microphone + Voice Changer

For those of us who can’t really sing but enjoy music, we propose a filter that almost functions as karaoke. Snapchat could choose a song of the week and add a 10-second clip of that song to the filter. Then, you could sing along and the voice changer would make you sound like a star! We all deserve to be glamorous.

10. Political

For the ranters of the Snapchat world, this filter would be a game changer. They could rattle on about their political insights, with a virtual crowd behind them as if they were giving a campaign speech! Then at the end, the crowd would clap!

11. On the Toilet

Let’s just be real. Who doesn’t Snapchat their besties while they’re on the toilet?

Last modified on August 9th, 2018

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