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Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Olivia Pope is every modern day woman’s career inspo. Olivia’s wardrobe, business sense, ambition, and personal style are #goals, and the first step to walking in her footsteps is creating a workspace Olivia would be proud of. Here’s everything you need to emulate your favorite political power player as you type up those memos.

A Place for Your Drink of Choice

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

CafePress Scandal Quotes Mug, available on Amazon

You might not be able to pour a glass of red wine while you’re in the office, but you can at least down your coffee in a Scandal-themed mug. The wine will have to wait till after 5 p.m. (but we’ve provided a wine glass Olivia would definitely approve of anyway—it holds an entire bottle of wine.)

Kovot Giant Wine Glass, available on Amazon

Framed Print

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

“Are We Gladiators or Are We Bitches?” Print, available on Redbubble

There’s no better pep talk than this speech—who wouldn’t want to be one of Olivia Pope’s gladiators? (No one, that’s who!) Hang up this print where you can easily read it whenever you’re feeling downtrodden. Then pick your white hat up off the floor, dust it off, and get back to work.

Computer Decal

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

“It’s Handled” Computer Decal, available on Amazon

Remind all of your co-workers that you’ve got your projects and tasks taken care of with this sticker decal. Place it on your computer so it’s easily seen and point to it when necessary.

Throw Pillow

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

SimpleDecor Throw Pillow, available on Amazon

Olivia might have her own office and company, but you know she would have made sure the cubicle she started out in reflected her refined taste. Copy her utterly perfect apartment by placing this feminine, but subtle, pillow in your otherwise ugly desk chair.

Vase for Fresh Flowers

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

Clear Rose Bowl, available on Amazon

Olivia always has fresh flowers in her living room. Make sure to have your own flowers, fresh or fake, at your desk in this classic vase. She favors white roses and lilies, BTW.

Chenille Throw

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

DOZZZ Chenille Throw, available on Amazon

Offices are always cold, so you’ll most likely need a blanket to keep warm at some point. This teal chenille throw is almost identical to the one resting on Olivia’s couch, and it’ll complete the look you’ve started with the flowers and pillow.

(Olivia) Pop(e)corn

Deskorations: Scandal Desk Essentials

Your desk should always be stocked with some popcorn. Whenever you’re feeling stumped on a problem or simply need to snack, throw a bag in the office microwave so you can figure it out while you munch. Sorry, but the wine still has to wait until after hours.

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Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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