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Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Gift Ideas for Mom
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Is your mom hard to shop for? Are you having a hard time finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Well worry no more, because we’ve compiled a list of gifts every mom would love, ranging from candles to car key finders. Take a peek at these ideas to find the perfect gift for your one-of-a-kind mom.

Recipe Binder

Recipe Binder, $36 at

If you have a mom who loves to cook, she’ll love this gift. There’s plenty of room for her recipes, as well as everyone else in the family’s. Plus, the Emily Ley recipe binder includes dividers for drinks, appetizers, salads, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. You can even have it monogrammed for an extra $6.

Electric Picture Frame

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Sungale 7-inch Digital Photo Frame, $32.75* and up on Amazon

To start the list off, this is a great gift idea because what mom doesn’t love pictures of her family? This frame can help her declutter her counters and walls because it shows hundreds of images in slideshow fashion. All you’ll need to do is compile all her favorite picture (and maybe a few surprise ones) onto a flash drive, and voila! The perfect gift.

KitchenAid Mixer

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, $379.99 at Target

Is your mom still mixing all her cakes and cookies by hand? Time to get the old out and the new in. Bring convenience into your mother’s kitchen with the automatic mixer! It’ll totally be a burden off her shoulders on those occasions where she cooks literally everything, and she’ll be thanking you for it for years.


Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Assorted Candles, available at Target

Honestly, they never get old. A new candle brings out a new woman. It’s crazy what they can do for a room (and for a bad mood). Getting your mother a nice candle along with some other goodies can be a really heartwarming gift. Just make sure you don’t choose a scent that will give her headaches.

Meal Planner

Best Gifts for Moms

Erin Condren Meal Planner, $12 on

If your mom loves cooking (and has a few mouths to feed), this is a practical (but cute) gift she can definitely use. The Petite Meal Planner from Erin Condren provides space to track breakfast, lunch, and dinner, make grocery lists, and plan out menus for dinner parties.

Tracking Tag for Keys

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 Bluetooth Key Finder Alarm for iOS/ iPhone/iPod iPad/Android, $19.99* on Amazon
Tile Mate Key Finder, $24.99* on Amazon

If your mother is anything like mine, she loses everything all the time. I mean, moms can’t really help it – heck my mom keeps up with more on a daily basis than I ever have in my life. This little contraption attaches to her key or purse or wallet and connects to an app on her phone that will let her see the item’s location whenever she loses it! Brilliant!

Wine Subscription Box

Nasty Woman WinesWine of the Month ClubWine Awesomeness

For the moms who love to kick back and sample the good stuff. Wine subscription boxes are great because they are completely personalizable. You can choose for your mother to receive reds, whites, or both and which notes she likes best. You can gift one month, several months or a whole year of bottles your mom will receive by mail once a month. And man, do people appreciate prepaid drinks.

For the feminist moms out there, we suggest the #GetNasty Wine Club from Nasty Woman Wines (founded by Meg Murray — read our full interview with her here!)

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $31.06* on Amazon
3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller With Aerator and Pourer Decanter, $8.99* on Amazon

To go along with all those wines your mom may be sampling, or even just the bottles she buys regularly, this opener is a lifesaver. Corks can be the devil, but this machine makes it incredibly easy to pop off even the snuggest of seals. Make wine night simple for your mom.

If your mom *really* loves wine, check out our gift guide for wine enthusiasts!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Gift Ideas for Mom

NEST Fragrances Cedar Leaf & Lavender Reed Diffuser, $44 at Nordstrom
Odoga Essential Oil Diffuser, $24.99* on Amazon

Aromatherapy is all-the-rage right now, and women are feeling empowered all over the place. Your mom will love the benefits of essential oils. Different oils can encourage different moods, and a diffuser can make it easier to enjoy the oils. If your mom loves scents and smells, try giving her a diffuser (along with maybe a few oils you think she’ll like) and we can basically guarantee she’ll love it.

Foot Spa

Gift Ideas for Mom

HoMedics Pedicure FootSpa, $39.99 at Target
Pumice Stone, $8.99* on Amazon

I mean, come on. What woman doesn’t love a good hot soak and foot massage. Foot spas are pretty affordable, and some come with heating functions  and massaging functions! That’s pretty hard to beat. Gifting your hard-working mother with something to relax her after a long day is a great way to say happy holidays.


Gift Ideas for the Type A Person in Your Life

Roomba, $299.99* on Amazon

Think your mom ever gets tired of vacuuming all the time? I would bet that she does. Check out these little machines that roll around the house vacuuming all by themselves! How nifty! Moms usually are all for diminishing the work they have to do around the house, and this tool does just that. Bet this gift will put you at the top of the favorite child list.

Tap Water Filter

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter, $35.88* on Amazon
Brita Pitcher, $28.99 at Target

This may seem silly, but hear me out. I got my mom one of the Pur sink filters last Christmas, and she almost died of joy. These gadgets can make the gross tap water taste like bottled water! If your mom hates her tap water, getting her one of these will keep her from having to always buy plastic waters. It’s a super practical gift. (And if her faucet won’t take a Pur filter, you can always buy a Brita pitcher. It does the same job in a little different fashion.)


Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Amazon Kindle, $79.99* on Amazon

Slim, easy to use, and cheaper than buying tangible books? Win, win, win! Your mom will love this device that lets her read all her favorite books and so many new ones without having to go to a bookstore or carry around a large novel in her purse. Gift your mom with the ability to read anything, anywhere, anytime, and she will absolutely love it.

*Price as of 10/20/17

Last modified on August 9th, 2018

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