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Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Gift Ideas for Your Dad
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

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If your dad is a little tough to shop for and won’t ever give you any gift ideas, we may have the same dad. This year, I decided to make a gift list to help all the people out there who can’t seem to find that perfect gift for their dads. This list includes everything from desk essentials to phone accessories, and dads will love it all.

Apple Watch


A watch that can show you your texts and calls, keep up with your fitness, and show you pictures of your family? Neat! Dads will love this all-in-one watch that keeps them off their phones as much as possible.

Desk Phone

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Those pesky tiny smartphones can be difficult for a dad to hold between his ear and his shoulder while he works. Solve all his business phone call problems this Christmas with a larger phone that takes calls directly from his smartphone!

Amazon Fire with Voice Remote

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

If your dad doesn’t want to shell out for a smart TV, the Amazon Fire with voice remote will get him connected to all the same apps for way less. Amazon Fire plugs directly into an HDMI port, operates on WiFi, and allows you to stream music, TV shows, and movies from apps like Spotify, Netflix, and, of course, Amazon Video.

Phone Car Mount

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Just the other day my own dad was telling me how he loved the Maps app on his phone, but he couldn’t figure out how to use it while driving. A lightbulb went off in my head, and I thought “ah, I know just the solution.” A car mount for his phone can help any dad to get around where he needs to without needing one of those outdated GPS systems. And if they don’t use Maps that often, it can help them answer phone calls or change the music without getting in a fender-bender.

Electric Change Counter

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

This may seem cheesy, but so are dad jokes, amirite? So many dads end up with a bowl of change and no motivation to count it. Getting your father one of these automatic counting jars can let him know when it’s time to cash his earnings in for bills!

Tracking Tag for Keys

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

LUXSURE Smart Tag Nut 3 Key Tracker, $37.99* on Amazon
Tile Mate Key Finder, $23.99* on Amazon

This nifty gadget lets you track whatever it’s attached to from your smartphone. Whether it’s attached to his keys, his wallet, his dog, or even his wife, you can help your dad keep up with all his favorite items.

Desk Valet Charging Station

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Get your dad to spice up his work space with a little bit of technology. These awesome desk organizers have places to charge his devices, while still looking completely business-man.


Gift Ideas for Your Dad

For all his reading conquests, the Kindle is perfect. It’s compact, easy to operate, and holds so many books! Just about every book you could imagine is offered to read on Kindle. Help your dad clear out some of those bookshelves (or at least stop him from needing another one) with this gift.

A Subscription Box

BattlBox | BurgaBoxDollar Shave Club | Luxury Barber | Bean Box | Saloon Box | Geek Fuel Box

Subscription boxes aren’t just for you, your mom, and your sister. For men, there are boxes full of coffee, tactical weapons, geeky accessories, cologne, delicious burgers, and more. Getting your dad one of these boxes will be the gift that keeps on giving. You can choose to give one month, several months, or even a year’s worth of monthly boxes he’ll receive in the mail full of manly goodies.

Save $3 on your first Geek Fuel Box with our link!

Surveillance Camera

Gift Ideas for Your Dad

This little camera will let your dad watch over his home day and night because it has night vision. Getting your dad a surveillance camera will totally bump you to the top of the favorite kid list all while making him feel super tough and dad-ish. What a win/win.

*Price as of 12/1/17

Last modified on August 9th, 2018

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