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The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

The Best Hourly Planners for Busy Women
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Planners are all about organization and productivity, but some of us need a planner that has a little bit more soul to it—which is exactly what the Desire Map Planner from Danielle Laporte provides. The weekly and daily Desire Map Planners are designed to be supplemental reminders of the wisdom conveyed in Danielle’s book, The Desire Map. It provides you with the space you need to reflect, dream, and outline the frame of your life according to how you want to feel.

That “feel” is important to using the Desire Map Planner. It’s the backbone of the planner, and you’re reminded throughout each page that the main objective in scheduling and to-do-list making is to feel the way you want to feel. If you’re happy to go about your days with your nose to grindstone without pausing to reflect on how you feel, then the Desire Map Planner isn’t the right planner for you. If you feel like something is missing from this kind of lifestyle and want to be more in-tune with the super important things, then the Desire Map Planner is absolutely the planner for you.

So the Desire Map Planner comes in two layouts: Weekly and daily. Both of the layouts have two cover options as well. The differences between the two layouts are pretty stark in my opinion; however, they both have the same thoughtful soul prompts and the intention to help you get closer to your true joy and purpose.

The Desire Map Planner

The Weekly Desire Map Planner

The weekly Desire Map Planner is a horizontal layout. Each day is separated into two sections. On the left there’s a blank space for your schedule, and on the right there are lines for your to-do list each day. At the top of the left-hand page each week there’s a space for your top three tasks for the week. This serves to help you focus on the bigger picture for the week, whether that be work or family related. The weekend days are much simpler than the weekdays; they each simply have one blank box for you to use however you want or need.

The Desire Map Planner

You won’t find a lot of color inside this planner. In fact, you won’t find any. The pages are plain black and white without any decoration. This means you have all the room you need to write and riff in whatever pen or color you want.

The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

Aside from the weekly layout, there are also tons of soul prompts for you each month. These are included to help you reflect on the things you’ve been doing, how you felt doing them, and to decide what you should change or improve on to feel the way you want to.

Who is the Weekly Desire Map Planner Meant For?

This Desire Map Planner is meant for anyone who likes to look at things from a wider perspective, prefers not to get tangled in the details, and likes some freedom in their planner. Not everyone wants to write down their grocery list in their planner or stress over what they’re doing every single hour of the day.

The weekly Desire Map Planner also has one cover option not available in the daily version. There’s the signature cover that reads “What I will do to feel the way I want to feel,” and then there’s this year’s limited edition. It’s a beautiful watercolor of emerald green, gold, white and black. It’s easily hands-down the most beautiful planner I’ve ever seen.

The Daily Desire Map Planner

The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

It might seem like a strange combo, but there are some people (Me. I’m talking about me.) who need a blend of soulfulness and Type-A control. This is exactly what the daily Desire Map Planner was created for. The daily version has a lengthy schedule section for you to fill in, and the best part is there aren’t times already written. The colons for the hours are there waiting to be given a specific time. This makes the schedule section very fluid. You won’t end up with empty, unused spaces like you would in other planners, and you don’t have you worry about whether or not your awkward 2:45 meeting will fit in your planner.

The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

In addition to the schedule section, each day also has a lengthy to-do list for you to fill out every day, including a top three section. There’s space for you to write down your core desired feelings, what you’re grateful for, things you want to change, and things you want to stop doing. Before all of that though, each day starts with a soul prompt. These are different every day, but they serve to start your day on a thoughtful, connected note.

The planner changes on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday share a page, and the left-hand side is for Saturday. There’s a space for your to-dos that day, but it isn’t large. The weekends are meant for filling your cup, after all. After the to-do list, the bottom of the column is dedicated to reflection. Here you can reflect on your work for the week, things that have happened, and all of the answers you had to the soul prompts.

The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

Sunday is like Saturday, except the reflection space is for envisioning. Here you can envision the week to come, the month to come, and the ways you’re going to create the life you want to live. You can plan in this space and dream before launching into Monday preparations. The daily edition also comes with monthly check-in pages to help you reflect, evaluate, and rework your attack plan.

Who is the Daily Desire Map Planner For?

Like I said, it’s for the Type-A souls. It’s for those who love the details and relish the time they spend planning their days, but also ache for some deep reflection and connectedness in their daily life. It’s for the busy humans who need that extra reminder to slow down, breathe, and make tweaks to their daily rhythm.

Let’s Crunch the Numbers

Both the daily and weekly Desire Map Planner are $44 no matter which cover you choose, and are made with the same creamy paper and durable materials. The weekly is 6.5×8.5 inches, and the daily is 9.5×7.5, so there is a difference in size. This is something you should consider before choosing between them (just in case you want a planner that will fit inside your purse). Space and portability can be game changers.

Soul. Organization. Hopes. Productivity. Dreams. Goals.

All of these things co-mingle in the Desire Map Planner to remind you they can co-mingle in your life. For your most joyous, effective year, choose the Desire Map Planner for 2019.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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