The Zoe Report Box of Style: First Impressions

The Zoe Report Box of Style

It’s time for me to come clean: I love Rachel Zoe. Like, a lot. At a time when I wasn’t “into that reality TV stuff,” I watched every single episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. And now in the post-Rachel Zoe Project world that we live in, I read The Zoe Report.

It’s also worth noting that I’m into fashion in the most abstract sense. I’m all about comfort and ease. I’m literally wearing boyfriend jeans, loafers, and a baggy sweater while I type this. And that’s me getting dressed up for work. I see bangin’ accessories on my favorite sites, but I never order them, and therefore never actually incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Prologue over. Enter Box of Style. Box of Style is a quarterly, curated box from Rachel Zoe and her minions (aka editors) at The Zoe Report. It costs $100 (yikes) but is guaranteed to have a value of at least $300. Woah.

The Products

Each box includes a selection of curated items and features at least one “Hero Item” worth more than $100. The Fall 2016 Box of Style included:

Fall Box of Style

Opening the box felt like fashion-Christmas. Each item in the box is individually wrapped in black tissue, which felt inexplicably glam. When I pulled out the cape and belt, my first thoughts were “WTF, I can’t wear this.” I felt much more in my zone with the bracelet (it’s just a bracelet, duh), the beauty products, and the lint sheets (#dogmomprobs). Since the day my box came in, the lint sheets have lived in my purse (they’re way more compact than a lint roller!).

Like most subscription boxes, each Box of Style also includes a mini-magazine/booklet/insert thing. Unlike most subscription boxes, the insert includes a note from Rachel Zoe in the front (!) followed by more details on each product (standard) and styling tips for each item included (not-so-standard). Even after reading the tips, I’m not so sure the belt is my thing, but the cape? The cape has endless possibilities!

Donni Charm Wonder Cape

The Value: $451

I expected that the total value would be higher than the $100 list price, but I also expected the listed product values to be total bullshit. If you’re around Earn Spend Live much, you know that I am a master of the art of Google-fu, so I promptly did some major searching to find these items (and their prices) in the wild.

First of all, these are real products that you can actually order. Some luxury subscription boxes will partner up with companies to get custom items that you can’t find anywhere else, then they slap whatever price they want to on it. Example scenario: Oil diffuser at Target is $12? Awesome, this one in the box is going to be basically the same but cost $35. All this to say, I was able to actually double check these prices and that second of all, the prices are actually the prices! Some retailers had them marked up even higher — the Gatsby Wrap Belt was listed on a few sites for $120.

And, personally, the most valuable feature of Box of Style is that it’s curated by Rachel. F’ing. Zoe. (Or her minions).

The Verdict: Is Box of Style Worth It?

Yup, Box of Style is worth it. If other months come even close to this value, you’re coming away with a HAUL. The presentation was flawless, each item was high quality, and it’s clothes, so they’re definitely useful. My main caveat: I would never spend $200 on a cape. Or $100 on a tassel belt. Or probably $100 on a tassel bracelet. But $100 for all of those things? I’ll spend that any day.

I will add one more caveat: if neither you nor any of your friends are ready to embrace a boho-chic aesthetic, then this might not be the box for you. Every item is carefully curated to go with the Rachel Zoe brand — including this month’s bracelet that is literally from her fashion line.

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