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Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year
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Habits are tricky little things. Sometimes they happen easily without you even realizing it, and other times it feels like an impossible battle to set a habit. Usually the easy habits are the unhealthy ones and the difficult habits are the healthier ones or the ones you really want.

Most of us need a little help setting those good habits. Luckily, the Commit30 Day Planner can guide you through the habit-creating process.

The Commit30 Day Planner is like a regular planner in some ways, but the heart of it is all about establishing habits you want in a functional and manageable way. Instead of trying to create multiple habits at the same time, which can be incredibly overwhelming and ultimately impossible, the Commit30 Planner has you focus on one habit every 30 days.

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

How the Commit30 Day Planner Works

When you open the Commit30 Planner, you have an entire two-page spread devoted to the various areas of life. Here, you think about the things you want to improve and focus on in each area in the year to come. This is to help you decide which habits you need to establish in order to create the life you want. The areas include:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Marriage/partner
  • Family/friends
  • Pure joy/fun
  • Adventure/travel
  • Spiritual health
  • Personal growth
  • Career
  • Home
  • Community
  • Finances

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

In each circle you write down whatever you can improve on or what’s important to you. For example, if you want to create a healthy lifestyle, then you could write down that you need to exercise five times a week in the “physical health” circle and that you want to start meditating in your “mental health” circle. There’s no right or wrong habit of course; Whatever you think will improve your life is what you should write down.

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

After you’ve finished this exercise, you move on to the monthly goals overview page. Here, you have 12 blank circles. Each circle represents a month, and you set a goal for each one according to which ever items from the previous exercise are the most important. And that’s all you do set up the Commit30 Day Planner for the year.

Your Monthly & Weekly Spreads

At the start of each month there’s a planning page. You write down your monthly goal from the monthly goals overview page and then break it down into six actionable steps. At the bottom of the page, there’s a space for you to reflect on your progress at the end of the month.

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

The page next to this is all about those habits you want to create. You write down the habit you commit to, and then each day you stick to the habit you mark off one of the 30 circles. This allows you to see if you’re being consistent or if you’re skipping your habit on certain days, like the weekends or holidays. You also write down how you will reward yourself for completing all 30 days of that hobby.

Because the Commit30 Day Planner is also a planner, you get a monthly calendar spread and then a weekly spread. Each day has a vertical column for you to write down each day’s meetings, plans, or tasks, and it has a schedule from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., but you don’t have to only use the column for your schedule if you don’t want to.

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

The bottom of each column has three boxes. These can be used for tasks, exercise, meal tracking, or anything else you want. At the top of the two-page spread, there’s a slot for you to write what you commit to that week and a blank box above each day. This blank box can be used to relate to your weekly commitment or to write down holidays and birthdays.

There’s a horizontal box for notes on the bottom of the page, and to the left you have a two vertical columns stacked on top of each other. The top column is for your life to-dos and the bottom one is for your work to-dos. The life to-dos have seven check boxes and the work to-dos have eight.

Throughout the Commit30 Day Planner, there are dotted grid pages for you write down notes, brainstorm ideas, or even track things like expenses.

Don’t Forget the Fun Stuff

After all 12 months, the Commit30 Day Planner ends with a well-sized chunk of dotted grid note pages and an accordion folder. It has an attached elastic band to keep everything together as well. The Commit30 Day Planner comes in three cover options: Gold, orange, and brown leather-like soft covers. You can also choose to purchase the undated version if you want to start the planner at some other point in the year besides January.

Commit30 Day Planner: A Habit-Focused Tool for the New Year

Is the Commit30 Day Planner Right for You?

If you’re looking to create some healthy, good-for-you habits in your life, then yes—the Commit30 Day Planner is right for you. Sometimes you need a tool to help you stay focused and on-task, and there’s no better time that a fresh new year to start implementing those habits. The Commit30 Day Planner can be purchased for $35.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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