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Don’t Feed the Millennials (Unless It’s Sugar-Free)

Don't Feed the Millennials (Unless It's Sugar-Free)
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If you follow the media, chances are you already know much about the generation in the spotlight—the Millennials (aka us). Also called “Generation Y” and the “foodie generation,” we’re that group of young people born between the early ‘80s and 2000. The reason so much is written about us? Because we’re setting new trends and redefining many spheres of life, especially the culinary scene.

For example, millennials place a lot of trust in online food reviews as well as quality food websites and YouTube cooking channels. 52% of millennials would rather go to a food festival than a music festival. And though the millennials are concerned about being able to find a job and make enough money than the previous generations, they still spend the majority of their money on food.

Take a look at the graphic to find more fun facts, such as what millennials’ meals commonly look like, what we perceive as the most dangerous ingredient in food, and how the Internet and the new technologies are changing our eating habits.

What Do Millennials Eat?

Last modified on February 21st, 2017

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