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When you think of planning and organization, do you automatically imagine stuffy, uptight people without any sense of adventure? Does it make you want to run for the hills anytime someone tries to talk you into using a planner? Well, surprise: There are fun planners out there. The most fun one of them all is made by

Our top pick from is the 17-Month Classic Agenda in the “I’m Very Busy” cover. From the outside, it might seem like just any other planner trying to make organization seem like a party. Once you flip this baby open, however, it becomes apparent this is no normal planner.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning’s 17-Month Classic Agenda is dedicated to fun, good vibes, and playfulness. This is not a planner focused on to-do lists, detailed scheduling, or ample goal setting. In fact, it doesn’t really have any of that. It has a horizontal weekly schedule for you to write down the important things, but how you use that space and to what extent is entirely up to you.

There are official and not-so-official holidays already entered in for you and some fun weekly challenges, but that’s it (aside from the expected monthly calendar). Essentially, it’s the ideal weekly layout for anyone who hates excessive structure.

So Why is This Planner So Fun?

The fun is sprinkled throughout’s 17-Month Classic Agenda. It starts with an exciting secret code in the front folder and is carried through the entire planner in coded messages, surprise compliments, exciting national days, weekly challenges, and unique artwork.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning

This planner is an experience more than it is a tool. Each time you flip open a new week, you’ll find some kind of surprise element. It’s full of quirky artwork from a wide variety of artists (all given a shoutout at the back of the planner), which adds personality to every single month.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning

There are also sheets of cute little stickers for you to place wherever you want. Some of these stickers are functional (“date night” and “manicure” stickers) and others are strictly for the joy of stickers (cartoon pizzas and donuts). These stickers are meant to help you keep your weeks fun and relaxed instead of rigidly organized.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning’s 17-Month Classic Agenda is available in five different cover options, and each of them is made in a matte laminate hardcover. This means it’s ideal for Instagram and Snapchat images no matter what the lighting.

What About Function?

Even though there are more fun elements in the than in other planners, there’s still quite a bit of functionality in it. There are ample notes pages at the start of each month and the back of the planner, an attached elastic band to keep everything together, a yearly planning page for all your exciting adventures to come, and a two-sided vertical folder at the front of the planner.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning

Of course, the monthly calendar and weekly schedule will only be as functional as you make them. It’s all up to you if you want to mark down appointments, tasks, and other obligations. The point is that with this much personality in a planner, it’s easy to combine some personal organization with all of the fun in order to strike the perfect balance.’s 17 Month Classic Agenda: A Funky-Fresh Spin on Planning

Who is’s 17-Month Classic Agenda Best For?

Let’s start with who this planner is not meant for. The 17-Month Classic Agenda from is not meant for people who dislike fun, color, or the unknown. It’s not for anyone who feels a deep need for excessive organization of schedules and task lists. It’s also not for anyone who prefers daily agendas.’s 17-Month Classic Agenda is great for students who don’t need to have everything organized. Because there’s a real sense of chill when you use this planner, it’s clear that students, both high school and college, would enjoy using this on a daily basis. The artistically inclined, more lax individuals would also L-O-V-E this planner. How could you not with so much exciting stuff going on each week?

As it says at the back of planner, is serious about fun. If you’re also serious about having fun on a daily basis while also managing your life like a total boss, then give’s 17-Month Classic Agenda a little look. As you flip through its bright, happy pages you’ll understand just how one planner can turn any day around and make being a responsible adult something to smile about.

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Updated December 5, 2023.

Last modified on December 5th, 2023

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