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Beyond the Blog: 7 Bloggers Blazing Their Own Trails

Beyond the Blog: 7 Bloggers Blazing Their Own Trail
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There’s blogging, and there’s creating a bonafide brand and running an empire. Every now and then, a blogger takes her web presence to a whole new level and becomes so much more than a blogger. It’s called being a boss, a business owner, and a creative entrepreneur.

These are the “bloggers” worth watching because they’re making things happen and turning the traditional business world on its head. These 10 women have formed full-fledged brands by capitalizing on social media, branching into merchandise, writing books, acting, creating TV shows, and even providing communities for women to connect with each other.

Cara Loren —

Talk about the definition of a girl crush. Cara Loren makes fashion blogging look easy, plus she’s a wife and mom to the two cutest little boys out there.

On top of the regular blog stuff—you know, working with brands, taking photos, and writing about her style—Cara also has her own online shop featuring both women’s and children’s clothes. It’s not a huge collection, but each piece is very much indicative of Cara and her personal style. The best part? Every item is below $40, so it’s incredibly affordable.

A photo posted by Cara Van Brocklin (@caraloren) on

Emily Shuman — Cupcake and Cashmere

Emily’s website, Cupcakes and Cashmere, has been around for a good minute, so it’s undergone a lot of transformation. In the last year alone she’s gone from traditional fashion blogging to also releasing a clothing line and adding mom to her resume. Nowadays, you can find fashion inspo, recipes, home decor, parenting and baby posts on the website.

You can also shop her clothing line, aptly named Cupcakes and Cashmere, at Shopbop. It’s an expansive collection full of easy, airy, classic pieces you can wear just about anywhere. It’s basically like looking into Emily’s closet and taking pieces home with you.

A photo posted by Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman) on

Gabi Moscowitz — BrokeAss Gourmet

This food blogger not only posts some legit recipes for both your stomach and wallet, but has spun her experience into a whole TV show. The show Young & Hungry on FreeFrom is inspired by her blog and loosely on her—the main character is even named Gabi.

She now serves as producer for the show on top of running her blog, which not only tells you the regular recipe info, but also gives you an estimate of the cost for each recipe.

Marianna Hewitt — Life with ME

Once a TV host, now a lifestyle blogger—Marianna Hewitt runs her blog, has an online column with Harper’s Bazaar called Ask a Blogger, and even stars in commercials for Colgate. On her blog you can find content for beauty tutorials, fashion inspo, health information, recipes, and tons of youtube videos for all of the above, but mostly hair and makeup how to’s.

Her experience as a TV host has helped her become a personality and authority in the blogosphere, which is no easy feat, and people are now clamoring for her informed advice.

Jordan Younger — The Balanced Blonde

She’s all about that healthy, balanced lifestyle, but it’s pretty impressive how she juggles it all. Jordan Younger is a food-blogger-turned-lifestyle-blogger, vegan-turned-recovered-orthorexic, author, and clothing line founder (Truth Balance Virtue Apparel).

She’s turned her passion for healthy eating and true story of personal struggle and recovery into a full brand, and now uses it to inspire others. I mean, a clothing line complete with amazing phrases, a book, an obsession-worthy blog, and an ebook coming out soon? Jordan isn’t just a blogger, y’all.

Maxie McCoy —

There’s really only one way to describe Maxie McCoy: PURE MAGICAL UNICORN. She’s a full-time blogger, speaker (have you seen her at Create & Cultivate?), and inspiration, but more importantly she just launched her community. She’s providing a place for women to come for advice, inspiration, motivation, and everything else they need to stop living a life they don’t want and start living the one they do want.

It’s a place for women to connect with other like-minded creative, entrepreneurial women for support. And it’s so much more than you would ever expected from a blog because it’s not trying to sell you anything. Frankly, Maxie and her approach to social media (she kind of hates it) is revolutionary, and it’s working.

A photo posted by Maxie McCoy (@maxiemccoy) on

Julie Sariñana — Sincerely Jules

Julie is also a fashion blogger, but she’s taken her blog into further depths. Now she has a moderately priced clothing line full of classic pieces called Shop Sincerely Jules (she’s creative director of the line, too) and contributes to Elle, Vogue, and Glamour as well—of course, all of which encapsulate her personal style and brand, which is easily seen through her perfectly curated Instagram account. In addition, she speaks at events and conferences to share her experiences.

 Featured image via Life With Me, Cara Loren, & Sincerely Jules

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Last modified on January 6th, 2017

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