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5 Best TV Shows to Watch While Working Out

5 Best TV Shows to Watch on the Treadmill
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Let’s be honest, the treadmill is the absolute worst. It might be incredibly convenient because it can be customized to whatever speed and resistance you want and keeps you from running in the rain and snow, but it’s also the most miserable running experience. The right playlist can make it more bearable, but there’s still the fact that all you have to look at is either a wall, the little screen in front of you, or whatever scenery you can see outside your tiny window. All of that can become a snooze-fest.

There’s one thing you can do to distract yourself from the misery of the treadmill: Watch TV. You can’t watch just any old show, though. You need a show that keeps you engaged, is fast-paced, and hopefully doesn’t require you to listen to the words so you can keep playing some high-energy music. These types of shows do exist, and below you’ll find the absolute best ones to watch while you burn rubber on the treadmill.

1. Big Cat Diaries

This Animal Planet show is full of adventure, battle, love, and intrigue. Watching the wild animals of the Serengeti prowl and pounce their way through the grass will keep your attention as you run.  Your heart rate will spike each time a cheetah takes off after a gazelle, a bed of alligators begins death rolling all over some unsuspecting buffalo, and when a pride of lions chases off an outsider. And the best part is you can listen to whatever music you want and not miss a thing!

2. Giada at Home

Cooking shows can be both wonderful and terrible to watch while on the treadmill. The downside is they can make you hungry or angry because you’re not eating; the upside is that you can watch without sound. Giada is easily a favorite because, well, it’s Giada.

3. Cake Boss

I know, I know; another cooking show, but Cake Boss is all about the artistic expression behind cakes and the drama that unfolds as they’re made. You don’t need any sound to follow along —  just keep on running while you watch the bakers create amazing cake concoctions and yell at each other.

4. Cops

Is there a series out there with more drama? If you want a show that will help you remain energized, then this is the one. The high-speed car chases, wrecks, and tasers will easily keep your adrenaline levels up. You’ll be so hyped that you’ll probably resemble a hamster on its exercise wheel.

5. America’s Funniest Videos

Everyone loves AFV, and you’ll love it even more while you’re logging your miles on the treadmill. Since the segments are filled with short videos that make you laugh, you’ll be so entertained that the time will fly by. Of course, you can still listen to your own music to keep you running tempo — just be careful not to laugh so hard you fall off.

Last modified on February 13th, 2018

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