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The Pros and Cons of Moving in With Your Boyfriend

The Pros and Cons of Moving in With Your Boyfriend
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Pro: You’ve got your own personal spider killer.

I hate spiders. Hate, hate, HATE spiders. I can handle ladybugs. I can even find it in me to bring down a nasty roach if I have to. But as soon as I see a spider, I turn into a toddler, screaming, jumping onto the highest thing around me, and hyperventilating. As cliche as it sounds, having a man around is pretty damn convenient when Mr. Spider drops down beside me.

Con: Who the f*ck is gonna cook tonight???

One of the hands-down most stressful things about living with your boyfriend is the constant who’s-going-to-cook-dinner struggle. When you live alone, dinner consists of pouring yourself a bowl of cheerios or heating up a personal pizza — and no one ever has to know about it. There’s zero guilt. But when you have someone coming home and asking “What’s for dinner” night after effing night, the pressure builds.

Not to mention you’re both tired after an eight-hour workday. Taking turns seems ideal, and cooking together sounds like a good idea (until you find out that somebody sneaks in an insane amount of spices when you’re not looking), and with each passing week (and every failed attempted at meal planning), ordering pizza every night sounds more and more tempting.

Pro: Every bill is split down the middle.

That $1,000 rent just turned into $500. The $200 you shell out on groceries each week magically becomes $100. And just like that, you’re rolling in the dough. Or some new clothes.

Con: You have to face your issues.

When I only saw my boyfriend once every couple of weeks, it was a lot easier to set aside our issues because we wanted to make the most of our short time together. But when you’re sharing a space with that person every single day, the issues you once shrugged off become unavoidable. Patience wears thin. Snapping occurs. Fighting ensues.

To make things worse, the tinier the space you share, the harder it is to get away from each other. Technically, this could be a pro because it forces you to work things out — but it doesn’t exactly feel like a pro in the moment, does it?

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Last modified on April 2nd, 2020

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