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The Best Ways To Find A Job That You Actually Want

Woman on laptop in cafe happy with job she wants
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(Image via Unsplash)

Everyone knows that job hunting is one of the most stressful experiences that you can go through. It is particularly tough if you find yourself out of work and desperately needing something that can carry you through. But it is also the case that a lot of people out there are miserable in their current roles and are actively hunting for a job that is more in line with what they actually want to do. We have all been through so much over the last couple of years that finding both job security and job satisfaction can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

It also does not help that the job market has been so chaotic over the last couple of years. But you must remember that there are always going to be openings, especially during a time when the Great Resignation has been followed by the rise of Quiet Quitting. And there are always going to be things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of finding a job that you really want and to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Start By Looking Inward

Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want when it comes to a career. These are the people who have had a whole trajectory mapped out since they were a small child. But many more people find themselves looking for inspiration, hoping that the right thing will simply materialize. If you are not really sure where you should be aiming your efforts, you need to start by looking inward.

Think carefully about what your interests are, and don’t be afraid to factor in things like hobbies. How you spend your free time could be a great indicator of the kind of sectors and roles that you may be a perfect fit for.

What Skills Do You Already Have?

When it comes to the skills section on a resume, things tend to be divided between the technical side (whether you can use Microsoft Office, for example) and characteristics. Both are very important, but what this point is all about is thinking about what you can do that is unique to you. What is it that your friends think that you do well? Are you the person that they come to when they need someone to call their service provider to negotiate for a better contract as bills keep going up?

Are you the one that everyone depends on to have a detailed plan for the day when you are all going on a trip? Or are you someone who is good at reading the room and offering emotional support when someone is going through a hard time? All of these skills can be applied in so many different ways in the workplace, and you would be surprised by the abilities that you have, which are in high demand.

Person working on a computer with tech skills

(Image via Unsplash)

What Skills Could You Learn To Give You An Edge

There are very few things more frustrating than finally finding that dream job and realizing that the “essential skills” section features one or two things that you can’t demonstrate that you already have. Arguably the only thing would be getting to the interview stage and being told that the only reason that you lost out was because another candidate had that skill already. If you have noticed that the same skills are cropping up time and time again, then you need to think about how you can go out and get them for yourself.

For example, with the massive push towards digital that has happened over the last couple of years, every company is looking for people who have demonstrable tech skills. Data analysis is one of the best examples of these skills, as companies everywhere want to keep growing and learning more about their customer base by using the data that they already have. A data analysis course can teach you everything that you need to know and show that you are committed to self-development. The University of Cape Town offers online data analysis courses that can give a boost to new starters and people looking to add more tools to their skill set.

Do Your Research On The Companies That Are Hiring

Browsing through the listings on job sites is a time-consuming and emotionally draining process, so the prospect of adding more work on top of that may not seem particularly appealing. But if you want to stand out in your application and in the interview process, doing some research on the companies that are hiring could give you a big boost. It will give you an idea not only of what they are looking for, but of their brand personality and their ambitions.

If you know what is important to them, you can use phrases that will have a real impact and hit on areas that will resonate. Doing this will also give you a good idea of whether they are a company that you really want to work for. For example, if they advertised the same position several times recently, or if there are suddenly a lot of jobs becoming available, it might mean that there is a reason why people keep leaving. That should not put you off applying, but may be something to consider if you reach the interview stage.

Use Your Network

Trying to find the perfect job can be an isolating experience. It can often feel like everyone else is somehow getting a leg up, or is having something handed to them, and that you are having to do everything by yourself. But everyone has a network that they can ask for support. Just because you do not have someone in your professional network who can simply give you your dream job, that does not mean that there is not a wealth of useful advice and assistance available to you.

It is important to remember that everyone has been through this experience before, so ask around about the different approaches that the people you know took to find their job. If you know people who work in the sector that you are interested in, ask them if there is anything that you should know about when it comes to what companies are looking for.

Happy woman sitting on couch on the phone with a laptop

(Image via Unsplash)

Be Kind To Yourself

If you have ever looked for a new job for any length of time, you will know that it can grind you down. At a certain point, you start to wonder if you are ever going to find anything. But this is a process that takes time, and starting to get frustrated with yourself is not going to make your search go any faster. Remember that you don’t have to be at work to burn out.

Everyone needs to be keeping a close eye on their mental health, and we have all learned a lot about how easy it can be to push ourselves too hard. So, make sure that you are taking regular breaks. Think about creating a schedule for yourself so that you get up and away from the job sites. Keep talking to your friends and family about how you are doing, and remember that you will find something.

Olivia is a passionate advocate for personal finance, dedicated to helping individuals take control of their financial lives. With a strong background in finance and a keen eye for detail, Olivia has spent years studying and researching various aspects of personal finance, from budgeting and saving strategies to investment and retirement planning.

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