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Things that Go On Sale in the Fall

Things That Go on Sale in the Fall
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Do you ever look at what goes on sale during certain seasons? It may surprise you to know that sales are actually cyclical. This means that some items go on sale at the same time every year. That’s just great news for some people who know they need to make big purchases soon. For example, if you need a new car, you might wait until Memorial Day or Labor Day because car dealerships have a lot of sales that customers can use to their advantage to save a little dough. Thankfully, that isn’t the only time you can get a new car!

So, what goes on sale during the fall? If you’re in the market for some new jeans, a sleeping bag, or a new ride, you might want to wait until the autumn season. September, October, and November bring cool weather, but they also bring savings on some of the stuff we use every single day (and some of the stuff that we love to use during the great weather). Get your savings ready, because here are 20 things you should buy during the fall rather than any other time of the year. Good luck on your shopping trip and happy hunting!

Patio Furniture

Time to buy: September, October

Time to replace your rusty old patio set! Patio furniture undergoes some serious markdowns in the advent of Fall. Oftentimes, the autumnal chill hasn’t fully settled in, so you can still enjoy your new patio furniture for a little while until the season progresses.


Time to buy: September, October

The newest crop of cars hit the lots back in the summer. Take advantage of discounts on “old” models and buy a new car in September. You can net even more savings by buying a gently used version of the previous model.


Time to buy: September

Do you know the right time to buy plane tickets? Waiting until the last minute to buy tickets home for the holidays will cause you to spend more, but buying several months ahead of time won’t necessarily result in a lot of savings. You should buy plane tickets two months ahead of your vacation for the best rates.

Camping Gear

Time to buy: October

Tents, canoes, flashlights, sleeping bags… you name it! Retailers will follow the drop in temperature and drop the prices on their outdoor goods. If you live in a warmer state, you might be able to put your discounted camping gear to use before Thanksgiving.


Time to buy: October

The big back-to-school apparel sale took place in August, but you’ll find the leftover jeans hitting the sales rack in October. By the time October rolls around, it’ll be chilly enough to justify buying a few new pairs of jeans.

Broadway Tickets

Time to buy: October

There are several slow months for Broadway, and October is one of them. Theatre aficionados will be delighted to get a good deal on their favorite show.


Time to buy: November

Ah, November: the month of many deals. Start off the month by stocking up on discounted Halloween candy. You’ll have enough fun-sized chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth until the next candy exodus in February.

Wedding Supplies

Time to buy: November

The wedding boom takes place in the spring and summer. If you’re stocking up on supplies, it’s best to shop during the slower months. However, you may want to buy the actual wedding gown earlier in November or in October, as you should buy the dress six months ahead of the event.

Kitchen Supplies and Cookware

Time to buy: November

Can’t find your turkey baster in time for Thanksgiving? Many retailers anticipate the holiday feasts by marking down cookware and other kitchen items in November.


Time to buy: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As November concludes and makes way for the commercialized Christmas shopping season, once-pricey electronics have been slashed down to astoundingly low prices. While you may be dazzled by these prices, smart shoppers should know that retailers will only carry a couple of these incredibly good deals.


Time to buy: September

Newer models of large appliances (dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, etc.) come out in September and October. Because of this, the previous year’s models go on sale. Some of the best deals happen around Labor Day. You may even catch something 70% off!


Time to buy: September, October, November

As summer ends, seasonal items go on sale, and that includes grills and grilling items. If you wait until after Labor Day weekend, you can find grills marked as low as 50% off. The longer you hold off, the more prices will drop, but it’s a double-edged sword because selection also decreases.


Time to buy: October, November, Black Friday

While many people think the best vacuum sales are in the spring, we’re going to argue that this is a home appliance to buy during October and November. During Black Friday alone, you can find vacuums that are up to 50% off—and we’re talking top-quality models!


Time to buy: September

Bicycles generally go on sale in September so stores can make room for newer models. Since bicycles never really have significant redesigns, it’s ideal to buy them during the fall. You can find discounts of around 25%.

Lawn Mowers

Time to buy: September, October

Now that summer is over, lawn mowers will go on sale. In general, most home and garden supplies will have steep discounts so the store can make room for snow blowers and other winter machines. Some stores offer discounts anywhere between 20%-40%.


Time to buy: September through December

Interestingly enough, houses also go on sale during the fall and winter. Most people are focusing on getting ready for the holidays, so there’s a lot less competition. The housing market has also slowed at this point since most people move during the summer. This means lower prices across the board.


Time to buy: September

Yes, wine goes on sale, too! Late summer and fall are when vineyards harvest their crops. That means they’ll be making new bottles that they’ll want in stores. The previous years’ wines go on sale, and that leads to pretty good discounts for customers.


Time to buy: September

Most people stop going to the beach during the fall, so the price of sunglasses will drop. You probably won’t find sales at department stores, but online and retailers such as Oakley, Sunglass Hut, and REI will have pretty good deals.

Vacation Packages

Time to buy: September

Just like airfare, vacation packages go on sale during the fall. The fall is the off-season because fewer people are traveling, and that means deep discounts for those that don’t mind a little chilly weather. Depending on where you go, you could save hundreds of dollars.


Time to buy: August, September

Before the fall gets started, nurseries will put their summer plants on sale to make room for fall foliage. This means great discounts for us. The tough part is keeping these summer plants in a good spot during the fall and winter so you can plant them. Thankfully, if you buy them early enough, some varieties can become acclimated before winter hits.

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