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9 Things to Expect With Online Dating

online dating
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Pretty much everything is going online nowadays – even dating. Now, a lot of people are trying their hand at finding a partner through various websites and apps because it’s just easier. Plus, you get to learn a lot about someone before you even meet them. Prefer someone that doesn’t smoke? Love to go out drinking on the weekends? Love hiking? Online dating lets you narrow down what you’re looking for in a person, so you don’t have to waste time beating around the bush. I’m usually cautious when it comes to trying new things, so I get how someone could be initially against online dating, but that’s why I wrote this. Knowing what to expect can take a lot of the stress out of doing something new. Hopefully, talking about what you can expect from online dating will help you decide if it’s right. Stepping out of your comfort zone just got that much easier.

A Lot of People Use Them

Don’t listen to people who think online dating is lame. Tons of people do it. If it was such a bad way to find a partner, then it wouldn’t be so popular. Heck, is one of the most popular sites out there, and it has over 20 million people using it. It’s also available in 24 countries. In general, if something is worldwide, then it’s pretty popular. Plus, thanks to the questionnaires, you actually know what you’re getting into – not like guys you swiped right on once.

Websites Have Themes

Another important aspect about online dating is that some websites have “themes” based on what people are looking for. For example, sites like OurTime focus on matching people that are 50+. This can be great for someone who wants someone 50 or older but has little luck on other sites. Alternatively, a 20-year-old may want to look elsewhere. It takes a little more research, but themes are great for helping you find someone that likes the same stuff as you.

There are Long Questionnaires

We’re not going to lie – some sites have crazy long questionnaires that go over everything that may impact a relationship. eHarmony is particularly famous for its long survey. Initially, the site required you to answer over 150 questions to start matching. That being said, they recently nixed the requirement for the lengthy questionnaire in favor of a 10-question version, but the original is still available. At the end of the day, answering all those questions is a pain, but it’ll help you find someone that has the same preferences. You don’t want to decide to date someone based on just a picture.

They’ll Adapt to You

Newer websites will adapt to you. Kinda like Amazon will suggest stuff to buy based on your purchases, dating websites will connect you with people similar to others you’ve messaged. Zoosk is an example of a dating site adapting to who you showed interest in. When you message or connect someone, it’ll show you people that share the same interests or believe in the same things.

You Won’t Find Your “Perfect Match” Immediately

You probably won’t find your “one and only” right away. How many dates you go on solely depends on how active you are. You can go on one date a week or one a month. While not finding someone you truly love can sound like a huge bummer, dating and chatting with new people is just part of the fun. Just enjoy the ride while you’re waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come along.

They’re Can Be Seriously Long-term

Okay, maybe not all of them, but most of the big hitters aren’t designed for short-term flings. To be honest, short-term flings one of the most annoying things about dating because you never know what you’re getting into. Well, dating platforms like EliteSingles let you know up front that it’s only for people that want something serious. In fact, this one even says that it’s for those that are interested in long-term relationships that could lead to marriage.

They Can Cost

If you want to access all of the features, most dating sites ask you to sign up for a paid membership. The price will vary, but you always have a chance to try it out for free. The free features usually allow you to see matches and view profiles, but you can’t message them. Again, this will vary depending on the platform. Instead of jumping into one head-first, compare prices and see what’s best for your budget.

They Can Have Scams

If it’s a social platform, people are going to use it for personal gain. Like Facebook, dating websites will have fake profiles. Unlike Facebook, most dating websites verify real profiles and delete the fakers. My suggestion for this one is to chat with someone before meeting them in real life – maybe even video chat. Not that I condone stalking, but you may also want to search for them on Facebook. If they have tons of friends, don’t seem to be from any particular place, or have posts, you may have found a faker. Report and move on.

It’s What You Put Into It

If you’re interested in going on several dates a month, you’re welcome to do that. That being said, I’m the type of person that only goes out twice a month max, so I wouldn’t want to go on several dates each month. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with dating sites, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. If you feel stressed, just step back and take a breather.

Last modified on May 2nd, 2019

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