How to Host the Best Brunch Ever

best brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s the perfect time to recount the potentially regrettable actions of the night before while simultaneously curing your hangover with a mimosa (or a few) — or just catch up with friends if your weekend nights don’t tend to involve tequila. Brunching at home is an even better option. You don’t have to leave your house and your friends will think you’re sooo sophisticated for being able to pull off the best brunch ever. Planning a whole brunch might seem like a bit much to take on, but ESL has your back. We’ve rounded up the best recipes, drinks, decor, and attire to make your brunch the most Insta-worthy yet. Watch out, your house just might become the hottest new brunch spot in town.

The Eats

Breakfast food is the best food; plus, you have the option to add more sustenance with dishes that lean toward lunch. So how do you chose some above the others? Here are three of the top brunch staples.

best brunch
Image via Garlic & Zest


If you don’t know what a fritatta is: it’s like an egg pie of goodness, but there’s no crust. There are numerous ways to make frittatas, because the added veggies or proteins are totally up to you. Check out Garlic & Zest’s Pan Crisped Potato Bacon Frittata recipe. Bacon, crispy potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and sauteed onions — a great addition to the best brunch food!

best brunch

Eggs Benedict

This is a bit of a tricky dish (but the end result is more than worth it). You need to multitask, and the instructions are not the easiest. But there’s something rewarding about being able to do it. But what screams #brunchqueen more than being able to whip up your own eggs benedict?? Find the recipe here.

Avocado Toast

Ah, my love — and another brunch dish where the options are endless. Kick your regular avo toast up a notch by adding salmon on top, like in this recipe from What’s Gaby Cooking (plus, check out her other great toast-topping creations).

The Drinks

To quote Drake: “Champagne with breakfast while I’m yawning. You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” There’s something glamorous yet a tad rebellious about drinking early in the day. Here are the prettiest and tastiest drink to offer your guests.

best brunch
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Mimosa Bar

I don’t know why mimosas are deemed a morning drink, because I want them at all hours. (Okay, I know, it’s the fruit juice. I’m just upset it’s not socially acceptable to drink at all times during the day.) Throw together a cute mimosa bar for your guests and get ready to pop that champagne.

best brunch
Image via Crazy for Crust

Champagne Punch Bellini

Mimosas don’t have to be the only thing you and your girls drink at your brunch party. Impress all your friends with your cocktail-making skills and whip up some Champagne Punch Bellini — try this amazing recipe from Crazy for Crust.

best brunch

Pretty Floral Ice Cubes

Does Martha Stewart use regular ice cubes? Of course not; she uses floral ones. Your bottle can appear stunning next to precious-ly frozen petals too with this easy DIY.

The Ambiance

Go the extra mile in order to put on the best brunch with the not-necessary but oh-so-necessary additions.

best brunch

Brunch Over Boys Champagne Glass Express

Down some mimosas with your best girls in style with these champagne glasses. Let your people know what this brunch is all about, and that boys come and go but friends are forever.

best brunch

Brunch So Hard Throw Pillow from Zazzle

If you love brunch as much I do, you want to show it off all the time (not just on the weekends). Get a few of these brunch-themed throw pillows and put them on the backs of the chairs at your brunch; they’ll be a great conversation piece and a cute accessory. Don’t like the black and pink? No problem, they come in three other colors.

best brunch

Gold Tassel Garland from Target

Bring on the glitz with the Gold Tassel Garland for your brunch bash. These will also make the perfect backdrop for some glam pictures.

best brunch

Mimosas Before Men Card Express

Treat all your gals to an adorable Thank You card at the end of your brunch. Let them know how much they mean to you (and how much you appreciate their champagne taste). Alternatively, you can use these as invitations to the best brunch ever.

The Outfit

Stay comfy at home but make your love for brunch known in this cute-but-chill attire. You’ll want to be ready for pics to be snapped at any moment, so you have to look your best.

best brunch

As Long As There’s Champagne Top

This flowy tank makes a statement that you’re ready to brunch, and brunch hard. The metallic lettering is hip and bright, not to mention the pink is literally the perfect shade of millennial pink. You can dress this shirt up or down depending on the fanciness of your outing.

best brunch

Blame Champagne Trucker Hat

Blame the Champagne with this cute, fun hat, that will be breathable and comfy all day long. This hat can provide a glamorous pop to your brunch outfit. And you’re letting everyone know that it’s party time.

best brunch

Let’s Brunch Graphic T-Shirt

This shirt is the perfect mixture between comfy and cute, and will be the envy off all your brunch buddies. Also, it could be paired with virtually any bottom and look fabulous — jean skirt, leggings, long pants, jean shorts, etc.

best brunch

Brunch Babe Baseball Hat

This is the hat for sipping mimosas all weekend with your girls. You’ll be able to be comfortable while also stylish — not to mention you can cover up that Sunday hangover hair.

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