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YourStyleCompass Review: An Affordably Glam Plus Size Clothing Subscription Box

YourStyleCompass Review
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.
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2018 Update: It appears that Your Style Compass is no longer operational. Check out our review of Dia & Co and Stitch Fix Plus Size to find a plus-size styling service.

Shopping can be a little daunting, especially if you don’t have the time or you just hate buying clothes – I understand completely. I hate shopping, but that’s why clothing subscription boxes were invented. YourStyleCompass is different from your average clothing subscription box because they focus on affordability while still making plus size clothing look glamorous.

YourStyleCompass Review

The Process

We all want to have our own personal stylist, but it can get expensive — LinkedIn has estimated a good stylist costs around $100. But luckily, we’ve found you can get a stylist at a fraction of the cost with YourStyleCompass. This service provides plus size clothing — sizes 10 and up — that will glam up your wardrobe. Like most clothing subscription services, you have to pay a stylist fee, but YourStyleCompass features different levels to make payment easy.

The first option is $15 and provides one full look based on your preferences. The next option is $40, which has three complete looks — including casual, business casual, dressy, or whatever you want. The final option is $65 and get you five complete, styled looks. A full look includes clothing, shoes, and accessories — what more could you need?

When you subscribe you’re asked to fill out a complete profile that includes your measurements and a full picture of yourself so your stylist can get an idea of your body type. If you’re like me, you may not have measuring tape lying around, but thankfully YourStyleCompass shipped me one because it’s essential to the process. As women, we know our clothing sizes vary a ton, so the measurements allow the stylist to get the right fit the first time.

My favorite part of the process was emailing my stylist, which YourStyleCompass encourages. My stylist, Jessica, was fantastic and made me feel instantly comfortable. She asked me a few questions, took the hot summer season into account, and created a look-book based on my preferences. It took her about a week, so the overall process is pretty quick.

If you’re a little picky, you can even exchange the items. I loved the first set but didn’t feel like a black and white horizontal stripe pattern was right for me. I asked for a swap, telling my stylist that I loved the cut, and she found a coral shirt that was the perfect color and the same shape! YourStyleCompass allows you one swap per look-book if you find something that’s just not you.

The Clothes

  • Burnout T-Shirt: $14.98
  • Ripped Marseilles Wash Boyfriend Jeans: $29.99
  • Bar Stud Earrings: $6.00
  • Aurora Canvas Flats: $39.99

YourStyleCompass Review

I picked a casual look, although my stylist also designed two other classy work options that were great. But I knew I’d get more use out of the casual look and adored the accessories. Everything arrived quickly after I placed the order, but didn’t have “YourStyleCompass” marked on it; instead, they were labeled by the companies the clothing and accessories came from.

At first, this idea seemed a little strange, but then I realized it was genius. It helped keep the cost down and made returns incredibly easy. If you didn’t like something or wanted to exchange for a different size, you can take it straight to the store rather than shipping it to YourStyleCompass and waiting for a new product or refund.

I also realized how incredibly important the measurements were. I had told my stylist my pant size, but the ones I received were a size larger — and fit perfectly. The reason why was that my stylist had taken the time to check the measurements and waist size to make sure they’d fit me 100%. The level of personalization blew me away.

YourStyleCompass Review

If had to pick something bad about this subscription, it would be the measurements. I feel most comfortable in shirts that are a size or two larger than what I need. My stylist went by my measurements, so the shirt fit my form, and while it felt uncomfortable at first, it didn’t look bad. I could ask for a size up, but I wanted to test the fit. After a few hours, I settled into my new outfit and felt amazing.

The Value: $90.93

The price was great. The clothing and shoes felt well-made and came from Macy’s, while the earrings came from Nordstrom. Everything felt well-priced, and I was surprised when the receipt said $90.93 (after taxes and fees). I’m not sure why there was a price difference, but I’m also not going to complain about something being cheaper than listed! Having tried other subscription boxes like Dia & Co, I was more than happy to have a full outfit for less than $200.

The Verdict: Is YourStyleCompass Worth It?

Yes – a thousand times yes! I can honestly say that I’m excited to try YourStyleCompass again. I really enjoyed the experience, namely connecting with my stylist. The clothing was season-appropriate, everything fit perfectly without any returns, and they matched my style. Over time, my stylist will get better and better with choosing outfits that I like.

One thing that stood out most about YourStyleCompass plus size clothing is that it’s affordable enough to be used monthly. For someone who’s on a budget, three styles per month would be expensive if I purchased something each time. However, one look per month at $15 and clothing around $90 would bring your total cost to $115 for a full outfit — you can also choose to cut the shoes and save a little money.

Use our code ESL2017 when you sign up for YourStyleCompass and get $10 off your first box!

Last modified on August 7th, 2018

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