Top 10 Places to Shop for Plus Size Clothing Online

plus size clothing online

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I started to upgrade my closet from frumpy college to workplace professional, and I’ve had to scour for new places to shop for plus size clothing online. It didn’t take long before these great shops popped up on my radar. Whether in your town or online, check these stores out and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Torrid

plus size clothing online - torrid

Torrid has been one of the number one places I’ve shopped for years. Once you figure out your sizing, it’s super easy to purchase plus size clothing online without having to worry about whether it will fit or not. If there’s a store near you, the attendants are also more than happy to help you figure out your size.

The quality of the clothing is high-end, so the prices may seem a little high, but it’s certainly worth it. One of the best things about Torrid is that the clothing changes regularly and the sales are phenomenal. I get coupons for $50 off $125 purchase all the time, which makes a huge difference when I’m shopping for plus size clothing online. Plus, Torrid also offers buy one get one free sales for clearance items.

2. Forever 21

plus size clothing online - forever 21

Forever 21 is a great place to find budget-friendly plus size clothing online. Most of the garments at Forever 21 can be worn at work, or even just around town. Some of the clothing can become worn down easily if not taken care of properly, but it’s hard to complain considering the low price.

The best feature about Forever 21 is that you can get a complete outfit complete with accessories and shoes without paying hundreds of dollars. Jewelry, hair accessories, bags, and more are a fraction of the cost at other shops.

3. Amazon

plus size clothing online - amazon

You can get nearly anything at Amazon, and plus size clothing is no exception. There are tons of companies that sell on the site, and sometimes you can get it cheaper than in stores. Some of the features brands including Jessica London, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein, Torrid, Levi’s, and Bali. The huge variety of options gives you a lot of different style options without ever leaving home.

The one thing I suggest while shopping for plus size clothing online on Amazon is to check the seller. Some of the clothing may arrive not as advertised. I have about five shirts in my closet that were cheap and looked good on Amazon, but arrived looking completely different than what they looked like in the picture. It’s best to stick to known brands.

4. Target

plus size clothing online - target

Target wasn’t a place I shopped for plus size clothing online until recently, but one reason changed that – I realized they had plus size clothing! Target was my first job, and I’ve always loved their style, but I was never able to find any clothing in extended sizes. However, in their online store, Target has a plethora of plus size clothing including cute shirts, pants, dresses, and accessories that anyone could love.

The biggest benefit of shopping for plus size clothing online at Target is that it’s budget-friendly. Most shirts are under $20, and pants can be as low as $30. On top of that, you get free shipping for items over $25, meaning you can get a cute top, some jeans, and have it shipped to your home for free.

5. Lane Bryant

plus size clothing online - lane bryant

In the past, Lane Bryant had nice garments, but I felt like the store had a generational gap — a lot of the items were marketed toward 40-year-old women rather than 20-somethings. However, I recently found that their website has a massive collection of plus size outfits that are perfect for 20-somethings whether you’re heading to work or a night out with your friends.

Lane Bryant is more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but the clothing is high quality. The pieces I purchased from Lane Bryant in the past lasted several years, and I’m pretty rough on my clothing. Be sure to check out the sale section of their website because the discounts are phenomenal.

6. Nordstrom

plus size clothing online - nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the greatest places to shop no matter your size. This high-end store has gorgeous clothing that makes a statement. What makes Nordstrom the best-of-the-best is that they care about you as a customer. There’s something for everyone, including plus size women, and there’s always free shipping and free returns, making it an excellent place to shop for your plus size clothing online.

7. Dia & Co.

plus size clothing online - dia & co

Dia & Co is a new way for women to find plus-size clothing online. It’s a subscription box that has a personal stylist dress you in what you love. It costs a $20 styling fee, but the fee goes toward any piece of clothing you want to keep. Plus, if you decide to keep the whole thing, you’ll get 25% off the entire Dia & Co box.

I recently had the chance to try Dia & Co’s plus-size clothing subscription box, and I loved it. I felt like my stylist really listened to my profile and sent some great pieces. Considering a local personal stylist isn’t cheap, I’d recommend any woman looking for some great clothing to try out Dia & Co.

8. Stitch Fix Plus

plus size clothing online - stitch fix

Stitch Fix is another popular clothing subscription box that has a personal stylist who picks out items to fit your style. They recently added Stitch Fix Plus, which is specifically for plus size women. What makes Stitch Fix unique is that you can link your style profile to your social media account so your stylist can get a better sense of who you are and what you like. Considering social media contains a lot of our style choices (especially Pinterest), it’s a great tool that is unused by other clothing subscription boxes.

Like Dia & Co, Stitch Fix Plus costs $20 to schedule a Fix, and the styling fee goes toward anything you decide to keep. If you want to keep everything, you get a 25% off discount. One reason you might choose Stitch Fix over Dia & Co is that you can get shoes along with clothing and accessories, and we all know how important shoes are to complete an outfit.

9. ModCloth

plus size clothing online - modcloth

ModCloth has some of the most adorable plus size clothing online, and thankfully they offer plus sizes. One of the best things about ModCloth is that it has a ton of vintage-styled clothing for those that are fans of the past. The ‘50s-styled clothing is perfect for a themed party or just everyday wear.

The prices are a little on the higher end, but it’s totally worth what you pay. The biggest benefit of ModCloth is the large selection of wedding dresses for both brides and bridesmaids. As someone who was a Maid of Honor recently, it’s great to have more options than David’s Bridal.

10. Addition Elle

plus size clothing online - addition elle

Addition Elle is just the place for women who want plus size designer clothing for a reasonable price. This brand has attracted big names like Michel Studio, Rachel Roy, and Ashley Graham, which has contributed to their large selection. It’s also one of the few places that have extended sizes for lingerie without charging you $100 or more for a bra. Women have the option to choose up to size 42H and pay around $62.

As someone who likes to shop on a budget, the prices can be a little surprising at first, but Addition Elle is constantly having sales including an additional 50% off clothing. The company also has a VIP program where you can get rewards throughout the year by buying clothing you love.

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