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Geek Fuel vs. Loot Crate: Which Geek Subscription Box Has the Better Value?

geek subscription box
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Nothing is better than filling your house with merch from your favorite movies, comics, TV shows, and games. Loot Crate is one of the best options if you are looking for a monthly geek subscription box, but a new geek subscription box is beginning to gain some serious steam: Geek Fuel. Is Loot Crate a better value or should you subscribe to Geek Fuel?

The Boxes

Geek Fuel

Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

geek subscription box - geek fuel

Geek Fuel is about the same price as you would expect for a geek subscription box at $24.90 per month, although you can get $3 off if you use our link. For this price, you get around five items that are worth $50 minimum, which is more than Loot Crate’s guaranteed $45 retail value. Geek Fuel is unique because you get a wearable and a game in every box. In our April Geek Fuel box, we received:

  • South Park The Fractured but Whole T-Shirt: Geek Fuel Exclusive
  • Epic Enamels Turtles Edition Pin – Leonardo: Geek Fuel Exclusive
  • Deadpool Domes Collectible Minis – Mobster: $6 value ($29.99 for set of 5)
  • The Dwarf Run: $8.99 value
  • Hidden Staircase Floor Mat: Geek Fuel Exclusive

All in all, this seemed like a pretty good box. I was psyched to see the t-shirt because I had no idea the game was releasing. The Deadpool figurine was a hit at the office, and the Hidden Staircase floor mat was super high quality. While I haven’t played the game, it has fairly good reviews on Steam.

Loot Crate

geek subscription box - loot crate

Loot Crate is a geek subscription box that has six different subscription options including the original Loot Crate ($15.99), Loot Crate DX ($44.99), Loot Crate Anime ($24.99), Loot Crate Gaming ($24.99), Loot Crate Pets ($14.99), and Loot Wear ($8.99-$14.99). Other than the Loot Wear, the boxes claim to give an estimated $45 to $100 value depending on which box you choose to subscribe. For the sake of this article, we’ll be looking at the original Loot Crate, which retails for $15.99. In this box, Loot Crate promises at least four items, one of which is usually a wearable. For April, Loot Crate sent out:

  • Batman Color-Changing Mug: $17.73 value (Loot Crate Exclusive)
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones Q-Fig: $16.95 value (Loot Crate Exclusive)
  • Stranger Things T-Shirt: $14 value
  • The X-Files Pencils with Sharpener: $8.95 value (Loot Crate Exclusive)

The Batman mug is super awesome, especially since I absolutely adore the Joker. The Q-Fig figures are becoming standard in Loot Crate boxes as an exclusive, but the style seems a lot more appealing than Funko Pop! The best item in this box was the Stranger Things T-Shirt, which was a throwback to The Uncanny X-Men Issue #134, aka was the first appearance of the Dark Phoenix.

The Value

The values for these boxes are a little difficult to determine due to the exclusive items. For Geek Fuel, there are only two items that you can find the exact values for online, but if you try to figure out what you’d pay for each item, it’s well over $50. While I can’t find the price of each item, it’s obviously over the $24.90 price tag because of the game and t-shirt alone. I also like that Geek Fuel doesn’t follow a theme because it gives them the chance to explore the newest stuff, like The Fractured but Whole South Park video game.

Loot Crate has a value of $57.63 including the exclusives. Since so many people have Loot Crate, it’s possible to purchase the exclusive items from Amazon or eBay, but it’s impossible to know how much you’ll pay for each item. Months ago, I bought Aviator Deadpool shades that were a Loot Crate DX exclusive, and I saw prices on eBay starting at $14.99 and going up to $50.

The Verdict

Even though the value’s hard to determine, both boxes are worth trying. I love Loot Crate because the items are unique and the monthly pins can be stuck on a backpack or purse. Plus, the value for Loot Crate is a little higher considering that the price is lower than Geek Fuel. To be honest, the price of the t-shirt alone is usually worth the value of the box, and I’m saying this as someone who regularly purchases geek t-shirts – they’re my weakness.

However, Geek Fuel seems like a better choice for the sole fact that it comes with a free Steam game and t-shirt/wearable in their monthly subscription box. The price of the game and t-shirt outweigh the cost of the subscription, and the best thing about the Steam game is that it’s often an indie release, meaning you probably haven’t heard of the title – unless you’re super plugged into the indie community. While we’ve all heard of Mass Effect, Battlefield, Overwatch, and the like, how many of us have heard of The Dwarf Run?

Overall, I would say they’re both worth a try. If you don’t really care about gaming or don’t own a PC to play Steam releases, Loot Crate may be the best geek subscription box for you.

Last modified on January 10th, 2018

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