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The Benefits of a High-Protein Breakfast

Easy, On-the-Go Egg Muffin Recipe With Bacon
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After you join the post-college working world, you’ll quickly realize that the most important issue you handle on a daily basis isn’t money or health insurance or taxes. It’s actually managing your hunger and fighting the urge to grab the first (likely) unhealthy thing you see. Much to my surprise and dismay, it’s so hard to eat healthy at work. Most of the time there’s more junk food and sweets than fruits and vegetables in the break room. This especially becomes a problem when you find yourself starving during those last few hours in the office because you’re more tempted to munch on those sugary, manufactured snacks.

One of the best ways to manage this temptation and prevent the new-hire-15 is to eat a high-protein breakfast. Instead of skipping breakfast as a way to cut down on calories, you need to actually eat a substantial meal in the morning. This will help you stay full longer and ward off any cravings later in the afternoon.

Why Your Breakfast Choice Matters

Of course, it can be challenging to switch your breakfast mindset from carb and fruit-heavy to protein-focused—but it’s well worth it. Even if you eat a huge breakfast including a bagel, cream cheese, and a bowl of fruit, you’ll still find yourself hungry earlier and have a harder time focusing on your work. This is because the sugar and carbs only spike your glucose levels for a short period and then they drop significantly. This leaves you feeling hungry, tired, and unable to focus on the tasks at hand.

Protein, on the other hand, doesn’t have those adverse effects. High-protein breakfasts actually keep you fuller longer and keep your glucose levels at an even keel for a longer period of time. No sugar crash; no ravenous cravings for the donuts in the break room.

The Best High-Protein Breakfast Option: Eggs

You can get a high-protein breakfast in the form of nut-butter smoothies, egg-based dishes, and breakfast meats, but the most convenient and flexible item is a good ol’ fashioned egg. Because you’re likely always in a hurry in the mornings (and who isn’t?), you probably don’t have a plethora of time to cook and sit down to eat each morning. Plus, smoothies can get old if you eat them every day of the week.

Making a batch of egg muffins at the start of the week provides you with all of protein you need to start your day off properly—and without having to cook something each morning.

Your Egg Choice Matters

There are a ton of benefits to amping up your breakfast with protein, but it’s really important to make sure you’re doing so in a healthy way. Eggs are great sources of protein. However, you also have to consider their cholesterol content and the amount of hormones that most eggs contain. There’s no such thing as cholesterol-free eggs (not counting egg whites), but you can opt for organic eggs. Thinking about all of the hormones, pesticides, and other gross stuff that’s hiding away in eggs is uncomfortable, right?

Organic eggs, or at least pasture-raised, are really the only way to go. They won’t put you at risk for life-threatening conditions or diseases in the future, so you can rest easy eating egg muffins, omelets, scrambled eggs, and eggs benedict.

Pasture-raised and organic eggs are more pricey in comparison to the other eggs. There’s really no getting around that, but it’s cheaper to buy the eggs than to pay for costly doctor visits and treatments later. And there are several brands that try to keep the cost reasonable, one of which is Vital Farms.

The Egg Savior

Vital Farms guarantees all of their eggs are from hens who get to roam free on a daily basis, eat chemical and hormone-free organic feed, and are most importantly treated with kindness. The result? Tasty, wholesome eggs for your high-protein breakfast. They’ll keep you satiated for a longer period of time so you can kick tail in the office like the bad betch you are.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Career

Remember: a high-protein breakfast means you’re more productive, more energetic throughout your whole day, and you’ll snack less. It’s difficult to hustle in the office and climb the ladder if you’re bouncing between starving, uncomfortably full, and lethargic every single work day. Not to mention the effect low-protein breakfast (or no breakfast at all) can have on your body and self-confidence.

If you want to make sure you’re fueling your body properly for the work day ahead and the future, opt for a high-protein breakfast made from wholesome, ethical, and organic eggs from Vital Farms.

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Last modified on June 1st, 2017

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