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Petit Vour November 2016 Review

Petit Vour November 2016 Review
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This is my first month receiving Petit Vour’s subscription box, and I’m so excited! Being a lover of the environment, it’s encouraging to be able to receive a completely all-natural, vegan sub box. Also, I’ve been pretty anxiously anticipating its arrival because they don’t show you what you’re going to get online like Ipsy and some other boxes—the suspense is seriously killing me.

Petit Vour is $15 each month and comes with four items neatly wrapped in a pretty pink box. All products are cruelty-free, all natural, and vegan.

The Products

Petit Vour November 2016 Review

This box made me so, so, so happy when I opened it. Three out of the four companies are ones I’ve been dying to try out, and I’ve never even heard of We Love Eyes before. So, it’s a very experimental box for me with no brands that I use regularly (which is a good thing).

Besides company variety, there’s a decent amount of product assortment; the box includes a scrub, a remover, a powder, and a lip and cheek color. I’m pleased. However, I was a little taken aback by the sample sizes. The Elate product is full-size—so that’s awesome—but the setting powder is almost too small to use, and it’s my favorite product in the box.

Something really interesting about this box is the amount of nearly brand new products—two of the samples aren’t even on the Petit Vour shop yet. The Elate Creme, the W3LL People Setting Powder, and the Ellovi Body Scrub were all marked as new on the infocard that came in the box. When I got online to learn more about each product, W3LL People was sold completely out of the Realist Invisible Setting Powder, the Ellovi Body Scrub wasn’t even Ellovi’s website yet, and neither were on the Petit Vour shop! To me, that’s pretty cool. It feels like I got a sneak peek at some of the new things these companies are doing. But I’m a little worried that I’ll fall in love with and use up all of the samples I have and then not be able to buy any more.

I love the scent of the We Love Eyes Remover Oil, and it completely removes every bit of makeup off of my eyes. (Bonus: I felt like it made me fall asleep really quickly, but maybe that’s a placebo.) The W3LL People Setting Powder is really matte but still pretty light; I tried it under my eyes and they looked creaseless and pore-free. Yay! The Ellovi Body Scrub smells legitimately amazing, and only contains six ingredients (per the company’s tradition). I haven’t quite figured out how or where to use it, but everyone I know who’s ever bought Ellovi has nothing but praise for their products, and I’m pumped to try it. Lastly, the Elate Creme is so beautiful. It’s a light pink with a bit of peach undertone, and it’s such a smooth formula. I really like the way it tints my lips without coating them in a thick layer of product. On my cheeks, it blends really beautifully.

The Value: $34.45 Total

Altogether, my box of samples is worth about $35. That’s an okay total, but I also receive Ipsy, which is $10 a month ($5 less than Petit Vour), and my last box totalled about $60. Granted, it’s probably a little more difficult to procure and obtain samples from these vegan, natural cosmetics companies, but I’m a little eh on the worth of my box.

The Verdict: Is Petit Vour Worth It?

I really and truly love all four products in this bag, and will use them pretty regularly. As someone who’s slowly transitioning my makeup bag to all vegan and cruelty-free products, it makes my heart happy to have some quality companies that I really like and don’t feel like I’m settling for. I will definitely continue my subscription with Petit Vour for now because, besides the low total value, I really did like this box!

Last modified on August 9th, 2018

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