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Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins

Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins
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As a lover of all things healthy and pure, I was antsy to receive my new Tespo in the mail. I had high hopes it would help me take more vitamins because I’m probably the world’s worst about swallowing pills (especially the large daily multivitamins for adults). Tespo is a fun little machine that turns vitamins into a drinkable liquid without all of the gunk used to create vitamin pills.

It’s basically a Keurig for daily vitamins.

Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins

Tespo is a slender machine, measuring about 10 inches high and 10 inches deep (about the size of your coffee pot but way skinnier). It’s incredibly simple to use. You just add water, insert the vitamin pod, hit the only button on the machine, and watch it shimmy that pod around until you have a small cup of liquid. Easy, easy, easy, and it takes about 30 seconds.

The pods and the machine are all available on Amazon, and the pods are actually recyclable (good for you and the environment!)

My first day using Tespo, I was so excited to get the vitamin show on the road that I made a dose of each of the pods in quick succession. I started with the energy pod because it was 5 a.m., and then followed it with the women’s essential and finished on the focus pod. A short while later, I made some oatmeal and went to work.

When I got to work, I realized it was a mistake to take them all so closely together and without food. I was high as a kite on vitamins. Vitamins! I didn’t even know that was a thing. I was so wired that I had trouble sitting still and just wanted to chat my co-workers’ ears off. Thankfully, after that I learned my lesson and spaced out my vitamin shots throughout the morning and only after making and consuming a hefty bowl of oatmeal or a monster smoothie.

The Energy Pod

This vitamin combo is (duh) intended to make you feel energized. What I found out though is it makes an excellent pre-workout. I take this quick vitamin shot at 4:30 a.m. before I head to the gym 45 minutes later, and I feel energized, strong, and capable. I’m definitely more focused on my sets and need shorter breaks between lifts. It’s much easier to drink than the standard pre-workouts from GNC and it doesn’t give me heartburn or make my hands and feet feel itchy.

Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins

All of this is to say that the energy pod really does give you energy and there’s no mental crash waiting for you when it wears off.

The Focus Pod

As a writer, focus is essential—but like everyone, I struggle with it. Before trying out Tespo, I had never considered taking vitamins as a way to improve my mental focus. Instead, I relied on coffee and complete solitude and silence. Before trying out the Focus pod, I was skeptical of the result. And even though I wouldn’t say the Focus pod turned me into a little writing machine, I will say it cleared out some mental fog I associated with sluggishness and rid me of any distractions due to my body. It didn’t magically make the noises around me come to a dead stop, but I did feel more ready to sit and work.

The Women’s Essential

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit the reason I love the Tespo so much is because I harbor a serious loathing for my women’s daily vitamin pills. I’ve had the exact same bottle of daily vitamins for over a year, and it’s more than half full. Why? Every time I pop one into my mouth and swallow it, I feel nauseous. This might be due to the fact it’s like a dang horse pill or the really weird synthetic taste it has, but either way, I would rather skip my daily multivitamin.

Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins

The vitamin drink from Tespo, though, doesn’t make me want to throw up at all. That is what I call a success.

Reasons to Buy a Tespo

Obviously, a Tespo is more expensive than buying some vitamin supplements from the store, but there are some definite advantages to splurging on a Tespo. The biggest one, in my opinion, is that it’s healthier for you. Without all of the gunk typically used in creating traditional vitamin supplements, I’ve felt more of a significant impact in my body from taking a vitamin shot from my Tespo.

I also like the peace of mind I have knowing there aren’t any useless or harmful ingredients in it. Anyone with a really sensitive body (aka me) or who is extra mindful of what goes into their body will benefit from using Tespo and its vitamin pods.

Introducing Tespo: A Keurig for Daily Vitamins

I don’t have any children (aside from my dog), but I do remember how hard it was for me to swallow pills as a child—so I can see the value in using a Tespo to make sure your child consumes the necessary vitamins. Instead of going with chewable and gummy vitamins that are also full of harmful binding agents and unnecessary amounts of sugar, you can simply make your child a small vitamin drink with Tespo. It’s easy for children to drink and the children’s essential pod tastes great according to my 10-year-old niece. That sounds like a win-win to me.

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Last modified on July 21st, 2017

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