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8 Purchases All Twentysomethings Need to Make

8 Things All Twentysomethings Need
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They probably didn’t tell you when you were a kid, but being an adult pretty much means making a bunch of expensive purchases and paying bills. The bills thing is nonnegotiable, but most of the expensive purchases made aren’t really necessary (i.e. that 1,000-inch TV). Some of those purchases and expenses, however, really are required for you to have the best possible chance at a successful, happy, and healthy life.

Here are some of those essential items for all twentysomethings:

1. A Go-To Power Outfit

Whether it’s a formal pantsuit, a nice dress, or a fierce pencil skirt and blazer combo, a power outfit is a must for girl bosses everywhere. However, it does need to be of high quality, fit you properly, and look professional. Your power outfit is something you’ll have to spend a little bit more money on to guarantee those things, and to make sure it lasts you for years and years. It’ll come in handy any time you have an interview or important meeting.

2. A Well-Made Mattress

Like it or not, your body is aging, and it can’t handle countless nights on a shoddy mattress anymore. As an adult, the years of sleeping in twin beds and futons from your parents’ house are over—and now you’re paying the price. Yes, mattresses are pricey, but if you pay for one that’s really well made and of the firmness/softness you like best, it’ll last you for decades. Your body and sleep quality will thank you for the investment.

3. A Good Computer (With Insurance)

With most work situations requiring employees to be more and more available outside of the office, it’s important to have a computer you can rely on. Spending a few hundred more than you did on your college computer for one that has the necessary storage, programs, and shelf life is worth it. The last thing you want is a computer that spazzes out when you’re working on an important project or trying to do stuff for your side hustle in the night hours.

4. Health Insurance

Illnesses and life-threatening issues are a real possibility for twentysomethings. Even though you feel young and invincible, there’s still the chance you’ll need to have some kind of procedure, medication, or treatment. You need health insurance, and with it dental and vision insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive the preemptive care to prevent issues in the future or deal with any that come up in this decade of your life.

5. A Reliable Car

As a relatively young person, you don’t need a flashy car. You don’t need the fastest or biggest vehicle on the road. But you do need a reliable vehicle to get you to work, to see family, and to go explore—and it needs to get good gas mileage (at least somewhat). You don’t have to shell out money for a new car simply because others are doing it. If you have a good, reliable car that’s safe to drive in, then all you need to do is take good care of it so it continues to fill your transportation needs.

6. A Way to Build Credit

This can be in the form of a credit card, regular payments for something (furniture, a car, an apartment, etc.), or even renters’ insurance. In order to build your credit for things like home loans in the future, you have to start building your credit score now. The only way to do that is with some form of a credit line. Make your payments on time, don’t spend more than you can pay off, and you’ll be set.

7. A Quality Bag

Be it a purse, briefcase, or backpack, a well-made, high quality bag that fits your needs is a must-have for any professional twentysomething. You could buy cheaper ones frequently, but they won’t last as long. It’s best to spend extra on one that will last you for several years. It’ll make you look put together and competent to employers, co-workers, and potential clients.

8. A Nice Pair of Dress Shoes

Ladies, your party stilettos don’t count here. There’s a difference between shoes you wear out on the town and shoes you wear to work or to meet someone important. Nice, closed-toe heels or flats need to be at the top of your adult wardrobe list. It’s best to splurge here too, so the shoes are more comfortable and will last you for several years.

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Last modified on October 24th, 2018

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