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Planner Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up

Planners Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up
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In the past, I’ve been very vocal about my feelings toward planner stickers. However, there are two kinds of planner stickers: The actual useful stickers and the decorative ones, and it’s the decorative ones I take issue with simply because I’m all about time-efficiency. The planner sticker sets below are the most beneficial on the market.

Erin Condren Sticker Book

Planner Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up

This sticker book has some great stickers and some not so great. I mean, if you’re into the decorative stuff then they’re all great. A large portion of these are solely meant to be fun or pretty. They have quote and gold foil images on them for holidays and events. Some are meant as gift tags, and I’m totally down with that. But then there are the ones that are blank and meant to be used in your planner. I don’t mind those, but they’re large in my opinion, and that takes up a lot of writing space. If you like fun, colorful stickers dotting the pages of your planner, then you’ll probably really like this sticker book. For me though, there aren’t enough functional stickers to justify the time or money.

Honestly, I’d rather just use the useful rectangular stickers included in the back of my Erin Condren journal and the ones in the LifePlanner than buy the sticker book.

Emily Ley Flag Sticker Set

Emily Ley only sells flag stickers, but in my heartfelt opinion flags are the best stickers. These are small so they aren’t obtrusive, but they’re also colorful so they stand out among your planner chaos. With this set, you get six sheets with 49 stickers per sheet in several different colors. These colors can help you color code for the different areas of your life, and make the really important things stand out among your pen scratches. These are only $10 per set!

Premium Japanese Washi Tape

If you love washi tape, then you love finding it in bright, fun patterns. Washi tape isn’t like other stickers because you have to cut it to size for whatever you’re using it for, but if you like the control and ability to use different sizes, lengths, and shapes (if you’re that into your washi tape), then you’ll love this set of six. These patterns are sure to pep up your black and white planner page. You can use them to make headings for lists, to signify really important tasks, or simply to separate sections of note pages. This set is only $12.97.

Erin Condren Designer Dots

Planner Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up

These stickers from Erin Condren are specifically created for color coding. There are six brightly colored sheets with round stickers. Some of them have the Erin Condren star and some don’t. But each sleeve of stickers has a label where you can write down what each one is specifically meant for. This allows you to keep up a fun, coded system in a planner or notebook. And because the stickers are all circles, it keeps everything cohesive.

inkWELL Solid Washi Sheet Sticker Set

Planner Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up

The stickers from inkWELL are functionally ideal. They’re simplistic and in muted colors. There’s no writing on them. They’re small and easy to incorporate into a planner without wasting space. When you order them, you receive six sheets in various colors and all kinds of different shapes and sizes. There are lags, lines, little boxes, hexagons, and arrows to help you organize your thoughts and lists. With the color options, you can assign each color a topic and use them in your planner to color code.

The Happy Planner Stickers

These stickers from The Happy Planner are designed to go in the daily columns of the weekly pages in The Happy Planner. There are several different shapes and types of stickers so you can mix things up for whatever you want to note with a sticker and create some organization and motivation in your planner. This set has five sheets of stickers for you to use, and will only cost you $3.45 (plus shipping, unfortunately).

Day Designer Stickers (Only Available in Preorder)

Planner Stickers: A Comprehensive Round Up

Day Designer doesn’t sell stickers regularly. The only way to get these exclusive stickers is by preordering your Day Designer Flagship or Flagship Mini. Each round of stickers is different from the last in terms of color scheme and style, but they’re the same high quality each time. These stickers are the perfect balance of decorative and functional. Included are a variety of shapes, some patterns, and even things like flowers.

The stickers are made with a nice, thick paper, and are easy to use. Compared to other stickers on the market, these come in fun, unique designs. It’s the balance of pretty shapes with functional uses that make these my favorite stickers. They don’t take over a planner, but they also aren’t useless when you need to highlight something. Hopefully, Day Designer will make their stickers something you can purchase individually in the future.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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