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Real Talk With Lauren Gleisberg, Founder of

Real Talk With Lauren Gleisberg
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Lauren is a healthy living guru with a killer set of abs. She’s the face, voice, and brain behind, a fitness and diet site centered heavily on lifting weights. She provides free workouts and free challenges, plus offers a range of programs for purchase to teach you how to eat healthy to achieve a lean, strong body. If you want muscles and yummy food to fuel them, then Lauren’s got you covered.

Name: Lauren Gleisberg
Location: Houston, TX
Title: Founder
What It Is: Happiness, Health and Fitness Hub + Community
Educational Background: Bachelors of science in biology, St. Norbert College

What inspired you to start your website?

Health and fitness have always been passions of mine. When I first began weight lifting, there weren’t many women doing it and there wasn’t a lot of information available. Through my healthy lifestyle changes, not only did I experience physical improvements, but also I felt so amazing inside and out. I used my website as a place to share my workouts, meals, and tips with my friends and family in hopes of helping them experience greater health and happiness too. I never dreamed I would be able to reach women all around the world.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wish I could say my days are spent working out, cooking, and sharing all of that, but the reality is, I spend the majority of my time behind a computer screen. I answer several hundred emails each day, which I tackle first thing in the morning; being able to connect one-on-one with my LG girls is the best way to begin my day.

After emails, I work out at my home gym and for the rest of the day, I’m typically at my desk and on my computer. I spend about two hours per day on social media, checking in with the LG community. It’s vitally important for me to feel very connected to my community and to know exactly what they need and want on a daily basis.

If you could have given yourself a piece of knowledge or advice when you started what would that be?

If I could give my younger self some words of wisdom, I would definitely advise against being fearful. Fear holds so many of us back in so many ways and I definitely struggled with fear, especially at the beginning. Believing everything will work out for the best is how I keep fear from holding me back.

Would you do anything differently?

I can’t say I would do anything differently because I’ve learned more from my mistakes than my successes. That realization, however, affects how I handle bumps in the road now. When things don’t go as planned, I step back and try to really learn from it.

How do you define success?

Success, to me, is all about freedom: the freedom to hold the creative reigns in my business, the freedom to structure my schedule, the freedom to make the rules and the freedom to be the one in complete control of my career. This freedom allows me to do more of what I love and to spend more time with the people I love.

What’s been the hardest part of starting your own business?

In my experience, the most challenging part of starting and running your own business is the time commitment. Some individuals have a nine-to-five type of job; I like to think of being a business owner as a “from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close your eyes” type of job. It’s nonstop. It’s evenings. It’s weekends. It’s holidays. There is no such thing as paid time off when you’re the business owner.

I wholeheartedly believe the pros far outweigh the cons as a business owner, but the time and effort that goes into running your own business has been the hardest part for me. Effective time management and loving what you do helps a lot!

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your own business?

When I first began my website, there was no business. For two full years, I ran my website and provided daily workouts, but I didn’t make a cent. Initially, I had no desire to monetize. As my website grew, so did the community of women that followed it; they were the ones who wanted products and who were really my inspiration for beginning the business. These women are the most rewarding part of everything I do. They are at the center of everything I create and every decision I make. The strong connection I have with the LG community is the biggest blessing in my business!

How has social media helped shape your brand?

Social media is one of the most important tools I have and how I connect with my community every day. My brand was built on an open communication line to and from my community, which social media allows for. My brand is also all about enjoying and having fun as the ultimate results of healthy living. Social media allows for all the LG girls and me to share the happy, healthy lives we are living and loving!

How do you make sure you stand out on social media?

On social media, I focus on keeping a community focus. My posts and content aren’t just about me, rather the entire LG community. I like to keep it interactive by encouraging comments and communication.

What’s the number one thing you want women to get out of your programs?

CONFIDENCE! I know that the women who complete my plans will see physical results. What I really hope they will experience are the results that come from within: great confidence, happiness, security, and self-love. My programs have a strong approach to accomplish all of that and more.

What’s your best advice for women struggling to find the time to exercise and the willpower to eat clean?

One of the principles I teach in my meal plan is to focus on addition, not subtraction. Don’t worry about what you have to restrict. Instead, focus on the healthier things you can add to your life. What foods are good for your body that you enjoy eating? Eat more of those! Is there a workout you’ve been dying to try? Can you get a girlfriend to try it with you? Do more of that! Very quickly, you’ll ADD so much health and value to your life that there will be little room left for the unhealthy.

What’s your #1 way to bounce back after falling off the wagon?

I am big on goal setting and whenever I fall off track, I rewrite my goals. It’s all the motivation I need to keep the bigger picture in mind and start taking action.

Of all your programs and challenges, which one is your favorite?

My favorite LG program is the Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan. I love working out, but it’s really nutrition that makes the biggest difference. They say you can’t out train a poor diet and it’s so true! The Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan takes healthy eating to another level by teaching what to eat, how much to eat and even optimal meal timing for best results. It’s specifically tailored to building a fit and lean body, which makes it so effective. I’m a foodie, so I particularly love that it’s so easy to follow and maintainable… I mean a meal plan that teaches you how to have a little chocolate or chips on the daily, yes please!

What are your hobbies? What do you do when you’re not working (or working out)?

I love anything and everything outdoors: gardening, being at the pool, taking a leisurely walk, finding a new park. My husband and I love food, so we are always trying out different restaurants. I spend a lot of time with family and friends when I’m not working. I’m also a homebody, so I love being at my house and I’m totally addicted to Law and Order SVU (and I watch quite a few marathons!).

How do you balance your work with your personal life?

I try to take at least one full day off from work every week and spend that whole day with my family. Taking a full day off, for me, is pretty hard because it means that my emails pile up and I really like to be on social media daily, but it is important to step away.  Plus, I know how much it means to my husband and family when they know I’m fully present.

What’s next for you?

There are constantly things rolling out for the LG community. This year has already been so amazing with a brand-new, fully updated Eat Your Way Lean Meal Plan + free lifetime updates. We are about to embark on the Summer Fitcation Challenge: our summer vacation destination for all things health and fitness. It’s a fun way for the community to work out “together.”

Real Talk With Lauren Gleisberg

Featured image via fitnessbloggerlaurengleisberg

Last modified on November 9th, 2016

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