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10 Ways to Reuse Birchbox Boxes

10 Ways to Reuse Birchbox Boxes
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Most boxes you receive in the mail are destined for the recycling bin, but the small boxes included with your monthly Birchbox subscription are too pretty and usable for such a fate. Instead of tossing them or stashing them in a cupboard somewhere for all eternity, you should let them live up to their full potential.

With all of the little items you have stashed around your home, there’s a wide range of ways you can use them to declutter and organize your home and just brighten things up in general.

Reuse Your Birchbox Boxes as Storage Containers

These boxes are ideal for small drawers and cabinets around your house.

In the Kitchen

You can use them in your kitchen to hold small things, like clips, rubber bands, and bottle openers. You can even use them in your cabinets to separate different things or hold shapeless bags, like chocolate chips.

In the Bathroom

They’re great in your bathroom too. Use them to keep your hair ties, nail polish, bobby pins, safety pins, and sample-size items from rolling around all the time. Since there’s a lid, you can also use them to hold these items and stack on top of each other inside a cabinet. Just make sure to label them so you know what’s inside at a glance.

In the Junk Drawer

If you have a junk drawer (and who doesn’t), then these boxes can totally transform it. I use mine to hold all of the random stuff, like batteries and various electronic cords. Instead of my junk drawer being an unorganized wasteland, it’s very organized and easy to navigate.

In Your Desk

Your desk drawers are typically another spot that spirals out of control. Use your Birchbox boxes to reign in all of those wild office supplies. Pens, paper clips, sticky notes, rubber bands, and other small items won’t run rampant through your desk drawers if you place them in these boxes.

In Your Craft Room

If you’re a fan or crafting, then you have a lot of small pieces to keep track of. You can use the boxes you receive from Birchbox to hold all of them and keep them organized. Say goodbye to errant buttons, hiding needles, misplaced thread, and unraveled ribbons.

In Your Fridge

These boxes aren’t big enough to hold much, and they certainly aren’t meant to hold anything that can soak into the cardboard. They can however hold fresh herbs for you. Use them to store sprigs of mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, and any other herb you have. They can also keep certain fruits, like apples, limes, and lemons, from rolling around on the shelves when you can’t place them in the drawers.

If you have kids, then you can use them to hold snacks they’re allowed to get out of the fridge. Snacks that come in packages are best. So string cheese, yogurt, and pre-portioned, pre-packed fruit servings are perfect.

In Your Bedside Table

If you have small things rolling around your bedside table drawers, use one of these boxes to keep it all stationary. Things like chapstick, lotion, hair bands, and any medication you keep by your bed can be easily stored in these boxes. I use mine to hold all of this plus my lavender pillow spray, and it’s so much better than pawing around, trying to find everything in the dark corners.

In Your Closet

Bracelets and rings are hard to keep organized, but using these boxes to hold them all helps. Use one box solely for bracelets and one for rings. They’ll still get a little jumbled up, but at least it’ll be easier to see and sort through them in a box than it is in a bag. You can keep the boxes in a dresser drawer, on a closet shelf, or wherever you keep your accessories.

Or Just Give Them Away

As Giftboxes

These boxes are so fun and pretty that they’re perfect for gifts. You don’t even have to wrap the box! As long as the gift is small enough to fit, all you have to do is tie a string or bow around it and tag the gift. Gift wrapping doesn’t get much easier than that.

As Kids’ Toys

Kids love things like this. The Birchbox boxes make excellent “closets” for Barbie clothes, can become beds for smaller toys, and even work as general storage for smaller toys, markers, crayons, and even stickers. Kids can come up with all kinds of ways to use these little boxes, so just hand them over and let them do their thing.

These are just a few ways you can reuse Birchbox boxes in your home. Take a walk around your home to see where you’re in need of some extra storage, or ask your kids if they want the boxes.

Have you reused your Birchbox boxes in another way? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via Birchbox

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Last modified on January 9th, 2018

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