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Why Every College Student Needs a Day Designer Planner

Why Every College Student Needs a Day Designer Planner
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Internships. Part-time jobs. Full-time jobs. Summer school. Weekend float trips. Family cook-outs.

Let’s be realistic, college students don’t have the same chill, responsibility-free summer that high school students have. You might not have mortgages and full-time jobs just yet, but I know from my own experience that summer was equally as hectic and busy as the school year. It’s just as important to have a reliable planner then as it is during the school year.

This year, Day Designer did their mid-year launch in April, so customers will have their planner well in advance of the June 1st start date. How perfect is that for college students? Students want academic calendars—your world operate on an academic calendar after all—and planners are all worn out by the end of the spring semester. A fresh Day Designer to see you through the summer and into the fall semester is the perfect organizational tool for busy young adults.

2016 day designer planner resized

An Hourly Schedule for Busy Lives

College kids are on the run all the time between classes, work, internships, club meetings, parties, campus events, and lord knows what else. You need room to write all of these things down. Day Designer’s schedule starts at 5 a.m., which might seem way too early for some college students, but it’s great for early morning cramming before a test and 6 a.m. workouts for college athletes. And 9 p.m. might also seem too early, but if there’s ever something later than that, there’s room to write it in the notes section directly below the schedule.

With this much space to write down an entire schedule, college students have the room they need to manage their hours. It can be used to block off study hours, write in class or work times, and highlight the fun hours each day.


Day Designer has all the Room a Student’s To-Do List Ever Needed

With essays to write, tests to study for, chores to do, projects to complete, and all the general life stuff college students need to complete on a daily basis, this long to-do list is essential. In other planners, students might have to jot things down in the margins or in shorthand. That’s not a concern with Day Designer. Students have all the checkboxes they need to stay on top of school work.

The Top Three School Assignments

Everyone can benefit from the section for the three most important tasks. College students really benefit from it though. There are so many deadlines college students have to manage every single week, so prioritizing is everything. Having a section for the three most important school-related assignments you need to do will help you remember that day’s priorities and will keep you from blurring in with other daily tasks.

College students don’t need to star, highlight or color code those prioritized assignments. Well, not unless you simply want to. The Top Three is placed directly above the daily schedule, which visually places emphasis on them. It might seem like a small thing, but visual placement plays a huge part in maintenance on those hectic college days.


The Four Bonus Boxes

The Due, Dinner, Dollars, and Don’t Forget boxes are perfect for college students. Because you’re always on the go, having these smaller, visual reminders helps keep track of the things you might forget otherwise. The Due and Don’t Forget boxes are particularly beneficial for all of the assignments, projects, and events.

Notes, Notes, Notes

Naturally, you’ll also need a place to write down the random things. The Notes section at the bottom of the daily page provides a space for the phone numbers, emails, and grocery lists they need to write down. This space can even be used to write down the titles of reading assignments or a professor’s office hours. It’s big enough for whatever you need.


The Daily Gratitude

This might seem like a pointless addition to a planner for a college student, but it’s actually a great place for you to write down a good grade, a happy occurrence, or a pleasant thought.

What About the Goal Setting Pages?

When you’re in college, your goals might change each semester. By simply dividing the first two goal pages in half with a line, you can separate the fall semester goals from the spring semester goals. Two different colored pens can work as well. The last two goal setting pages already come separated into different time frames, so all you have to do is apply those time frames to their semester goals.

Goal setting is a skill that will be expected in the real world, so you’re better off going through the trial and error of it in college than once that big-kid paycheck depends on it.


Now that Day Designer is doing an annual mid-year launch, there is truly a Day Designer for every person. The mid-year Day Designer comes with all of the signature features they’re known for, but in the calendar format students really want. No matter how crazy, busy, stressful, or overloaded the semester, the mid-year Day Designer can help students through it all.

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Featured image via theDayDesigner


Last modified on June 1st, 2017

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