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How Do Wireless GPS Dog Fences Work?

Up close view of happy dog laying down outside
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(Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash)

Oh, to be alive in the era of wireless GPS dog fences. If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably heard of this technology at the very least. Or maybe you’ve already considered a system like this, you’re just stuck wondering how do wireless GPS dog fences work? If you’re not exactly sure what we’re talking about, imagine being a dog owner and enjoying:

  • A backyard with no fencing. 
  • A visit to a public area with no worries about your dog getting away from you.
  • An indoor space in which your dog knows to avoid certain objects or locations.
  • An instant perimeter in any new area you may be staying.

If these scenarios grabbed your attention, you’re probably a dog owner who would benefit from a wireless GPS dog fence. While it may be a mouthful, the technology and setup are impossibly easy for anyone to begin using. 

A fenceless system isn’t exactly new; however, the Halo Collar is a revolutionary product that leaves even the Invisible Fence in the dust. While the Invisible Fence may make dog owners feel more at ease since it’s not fully digital, we believe that once you understand how the wireless GPS dog fence from Halo works, you’ll never consider another fencing option!

Halo Collar

How Does It Work?

The App

To get started, you’ll want to create your perimeter. Thankfully, there’s no digging, installation, or manual labor at all! Simply download the Halo app, available for iPhone and Android, and start building your virtual fences—up to 20 different fences saved as data within the app and the collar. 

This is where the wireless GPS system comes into play. There are two methods you can use to set up your invisible fence:

  1. Hold the collar in your hand and walk to the locations where you want to drop “fence posts”, using the GPS to place the fence posts in the app.
  2. Drop and drag fence posts to the desired location using your finger in the app.

The GPS system in the Halo app is arguably more accurate than the GPS on your smartphone!

Create, edit, pause, and enable boundaries for all your fences and beacons—something that indicates a boundary. Want to change something? Easily adjust your preferences with a tap. You also have the ability to change modes for one pet or multiple pets at a time. 

The Collar

After creating your boundaries, the collar does the rest of the work. The fence data stored in the collar help to guide your dog to stay inside the boundaries that you set. This is even without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

The Halo Collar

Using customizable Prevention Feedback at the right time, the Halo Collar communicates commands to your dog. When your canine is near a boundary, the collar prompts them to turn around. As soon as they meet the command, the feedback will stop. Though it’s extremely unlikely that your dog will leave a fence, the Halo Collar uses specialized prompts to guide them back to safety. 


One of the Halo Collar’s greatest selling points is the fact that it was designed in collaboration with world-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan. The system is proven effective on all dogs, and the holistic approach strengthens bonds between owners and their dogs, creating lasting lifestyle changes—resulting in a happy dog and happy dog owner.

Whether you have a large, energetic pup or a small, curious canine, all dogs can benefit from this unique system.  This wireless GPS dog fence technology is guaranteed to train, teach, and protect your dog, regardless of breed, age, or size.


The Halo Collar is capable of providing six types of feedback:

  • Prevention Feedback — Warning, Boundary, and Emergency feedback
  • Encouragement Feedback — Return Whistle, Good Dog, and Come Home feedback

Each type of feedback has predefined default settings, but you can customize the sounds, vibrations, or static settings at any time! With a variety of sounds, vibration patterns, and static levels to choose from—including Cesar’s various verbal feedback options and his famous “TSCH” sound—you have complete control over your dog’s experience. With Cesar’s guidance, you’ll be able to set the best feedback for your dog’s energy levels. Because who knows your dog better than you?

What You Don’t Need

Ditch the constant need for a dog crate, dog harness, dog cage, dog whistle, dog leash, dog muzzle, dog pen, etc.—the Halo Collar has you covered. While they may still be needed for certain situations, you won’t need to rely on these products and supplies as you may have in the past.

You’ll also be happier with this type of setup over a shock collar or electric fencing—this dog training collar is safer and more effective. Not only does it keep dogs within an area, but it also tracks location, monitors activity, and alerts in real time if your pup happens to escape.

As A Bonus  

While this is a great setup for wherever you live—an apartment, a busy street, or out in the middle of nowhere—an added bonus is the fact that you can take this wireless fence anywhere due to the GPS technology! Road trips, Airbnb stays, and camping adventures with your furry friend have never been easier with this portable system.

So how do wireless GPS dog fences work? Easily, safely, and efficiently. If your canine companion could ask for a birthday gift, they would undoubtedly ask for a wireless GPS dog fence—the Halo Collar! So along with that personalized dog bowl and ridiculous pet portrait, invest in a product that’s going to leave you and your dog feeling secure and happy. 

Last modified on October 20th, 2022

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