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Halo Collar Review: The Cost-Effective Safety Collar For Your Pampered Pet

This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Picture this: you live in a tiny apartment in the middle of a bustling city. You’re rushing to get ready for work but have to let your dog outside. The problem? You don’t have a balcony or fenced-in yard. With your hair damp from your morning shower, you slip into your slippers and guide your dog to the nearest fire hydrant on the corner…but then they yank too hard, and their leash drops from your grasp! Suddenly, they disappear into a crowd of pedestrians and honking taxi cabs. Not only are you late for work, but your best friend is gone, and you have no clue how to find them!

Maybe that scenario sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s not uncommon. Beloved dogs and cats are lost daily in crowded cities and rural towns alike. Renters have it especially tough. How can you possibly keep your pets safe when you’re focused on a career and live in a small space? Not only is there a landlord breathing down your neck, but you must let your dogs outside to play. Even leashed, any outdoor public space can be dangerous. You’ll never believe how many dog thieves are on the prowl. It feels like the world is against you!

Anyone with a heart understands that pets are like family and deserve equal treatment. That’s why we believe your furry friends need top-notch protection at an affordable price. All it takes is a bit of digging to find the right product. We know you’re busy, so we’ve already done the hard work for you! The Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar is the perfect safety solution for your pet, and here’s why.

Overview of the Halo Collar

The Halo 2+ Collar is the most recent iteration of Halo’s 4-part system for “ultimate dog safety.” Designed for pets who need extra protection, the Halo system is unlike any wireless dog fence or electronic on the market.

The Halo Collar is an all-in-one wireless fencing system that uses GPS tracking technology to protect your dog for up to 10 square miles. This technology works alongside a honing beacon and the Halo App to keep you informed of your dog’s whereabouts anytime. Set up to 20 digital fences wherever you are: the dog park, a public green space, or even the nearest fire hydrant.

Halo Collar Review: The Cost-Effective Safety Collar For Your Pampered Pet

You can trust they have your dog’s best interests at heart; co-founders Ken and Michael Ehrman have 20+ years of experience developing cutting-edge technology that solves the everyday problems of hard-working consumers. Even better, they enlisted world-renowned dog behavioralist Cesar Millan to design the perfect training regime.

Outdoor Safety

When adopting a dog, young, career-focused renters are usually concerned with how much livable space is available. Of course, you want a companion, but they need room to roam. Luckily most cities provide pet-friendly green spaces and dog parks for your playful pup. However, there are still plenty of dangers when taking your pet out on the town. Remember those dog thieves? They exist, and don’t care about your special bond.

But so many “smart collars” aren’t even portable. For example, Invisible Fence prides itself on its electric fencing technology, yet it’s not wireless. Before considering their product, keep in mind that you must own a yard first. Sorry, renters! The next step is professional installation, which means they’ll dig up your yard and lay a cable around the perimeter, which is the opposite of convenient and portable.

That’s where Halo comes in. Halo’s GPS technology works ’round the clock to track your dog’s every move and report its findings to the Halo App. Suppose something — anything — happens to your dog. In that case, you can find them anywhere, even if something took them outside of your digital fence. So when you’re at work fretting over if the dog walker you hired is trustworthy or not, take a peek at the App.

Already convinced? Try Halo Collar today!

Pictured: A couple of team members’ pups rocking the Halo Collar

Set up the included Bluetooth-enabled Halo Beacons to keep your pets from exploring certain places. These Beacons work alongside the Halo Collar to keep your dog contained inside designated areas and away from danger. Plus, you can use the Beacons indoors and outdoors, providing unlimited flexibility for pet protection in the apartment or at the park.

The Halo Collar works on “natural guidance,” which means it communicates with your dog using “Prevention Feedback” to prompt your pet to turn around at their digital boundaries. Prevention Feedback is completely customizable using the Halo App. If necessary, you can choose from noise and vibration to “static” prompts. And if your pup ever escapes, the Halo Collar will use their “Return Whistle” to guide them back to the fence.

Live Monitoring

Halo’s 4-part safety system also works as a live-in dog sitter for those days that you can’t seem to get away from the office. While it, unfortunately, can’t clean up after any accidents, its intuitive monitoring provides live updates throughout the day whenever you get the overwhelming urge that “something’s wrong!” According to, “Daily, weekly, and monthly activity charts track how much time your dog spends active v.s. resting, how many Preventions they receive, and where–so you always know about your dog’s safety, activity and training progress.” In other words, you have 24/7 access to your pet’s every move, from naptime to playtime!

This tracking technology works hand-in-hand with Cesar Millan’s boundary training lessons. Designed to work with pet owners of all types and “proven effective on all dogs, no matter their breed or age,” Millan’s holistic approach to training with the Halo Collar guarantees “lasing lifestyles changes.” And we know the last thing you want is another meeting on your calendar, so don’t worry about traveling across town or taking off work. You can watch these lessons on any device and complete them at your own pace!


Living on your own in the big city isn’t cheap! And affordability can determine if you’re even willing to entertain the idea of a smart color. Young consumers will even check the price tag before knowing how a product works! Luckily for you, Halo’s high-tech GPS collar is both life-changing and affordable.

Halo is up-front about the cost because they understand that every consumer deserves to know how much they should expect to spend before going too far down the rabbit hole. Sounds pretty simple, right? But not all companies are so sympathetic. Unlike with Halo, you’ll have no clue how much some wireless fences cost until three consultations down the line!

Pictured: my editor’s pup, Ginger, modeling the Halo Collar

The Halo Collar 2+ costs the same flat fee for every customer. And when it comes to using the app, consumers can choose how much they want to pay monthly to use the system. Every Halo customer will pay the discounted price of $699 for their newest collar. Additionally, every customer chooses which subscription plans best fits their lifestyle: the Basic Plan, the Silver Plan, or the Gold Plan.

The Basic Plan costs just $0.15 daily, ringing in at $4.49 per month. This plan is the most cost-effective and includes improved GPS accuracy compared to the early version of the collar, data storage, basic tracking, Cesar Millan-verified training modules, unlimited cellular data, and up to 20 automatic fencing options. The Silver Plan costs $0.33 per day, or $10 monthly. It includes customizable customer support, custom beacon ranges, activity tracking charts, and the ability to “communicate with your dog manually — even without a nearby fence” on top of every Basic Plan feature. The Gold Plan is the most expensive at $1 per day, or $30 monthly. On top of every feature of the previous plans, this plan includes “NEW premium training lessons released each month,” live training sessions, and Q&A events with experts. Paired with their mess-free financing options, Halo is the frugal dog lover’s dream!

For all you hard-working renters out there, the Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Collar is the best cost-effective solution to protect your pampered pet. Long story short, please don’t fret about your pup getting loose during their daily visit to the fire hydrant on the corner. Taking care of “business” has never been safer with Halo. What a relief!

So, what are you waiting for? Try out the Halo Collar today!

Last modified on October 20th, 2022

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