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The Best 2017 Planners for Powerful Women

The Best 2017 Planners for Powerful Women
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As crazy as it sounds, 2017 is coming up fast. If you want a good planner for the coming year, then this is the perfect time to jump on the one you both want and need. There are some really good planners coming out this year, and our favorite veterans are all new and improved.

Here are my top picks for the absolute best 2017 planners.

inkWELL’s 2017 liveWELL Planner

The Best 2017 Planners for Powerful Women

Weekly planners are the most common planners out there, but none of them do it like inkWELL Press. The liveWELL Planner comes in two layouts: the Classic and the Flex. The Classic is a vertical layout and the Flex is horizontal, but both come in multiple cover options. For the 2017 editions, the Classic will only be sold through OfficeMax and Office Depot, and the Flex will be sold through inkWELL’s website. No matter which liveWELL you choose, you’re in very capable hands.

The liveWELL has the most thorough goal setting and monthly planning system of all planners out there. It assists you with goal setting through a yearly planning page where you can break it all down and monthly hexagon chart for those broken down steps. It keeps reminding you of your goals throughout the year so you can achieve them. The weekly layouts are incredibly moldable. You can use the space however you want, and there are three blank boxes each day for anything you need. If you want to write down each of your meals, you can. If you want to write down three major tasks, you can. If you want to write your goals, thoughts, or mantras there, you can. liveWELL becomes whatever you need it to be.

2017 Day Designer

The Best 2017 Planners for Powerful Women

The daily planner of all daily planners, The Day Designer, has gotten a fresh new look for 2017. With several beautiful covers to choose from, you can absolutely find the one for you. The schedule spans from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., so there’s room for even the busiest of women. A to-do list equally as long gives you more than enough space to write down all of your tasks, no matter how large or menial. If you’re going to have a crazy-busy year, then there’s really only one planner with the space to help you handle it all.

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Day Designer has made a name for itself by being the most comprehensive daily planner. With goal setting pages, streamlined design, and artistic covers, it stands out. Stylish and functional are in perfect balance with the 2017 Day Designer planner.

2017 Desire Map Planner

The Desire Map Planner 2017: Weekly and Daily Review

If you’re looking for a planner that is about more than just your schedule or to do list, then the Desire Planner is definitely has your back. The Desire Planner is all about making sure your true-to-your-core goals are at the forefront of every single day. There are two planners, the daily and the weekly, and each comes in two cover options. That means you can find the type of planner layout you want and still be content knowing either one will focus on enriching your life the meaningful way. Throughout the Desire Planner are soul prompts to make you think a little deeper about your life, reminders of your goals, and space to reflect on adjustments and tweaks you need to make to your own life.

The Desire Planner is the planner I’ve personally chosen to help me through 2017. With space to reflect, reminders that what I do isn’t as important as how I feel about what I’m doing. The inside of the Desire Planner is very clean. No colorful additions or embellishments. It’s straightforward so that you can pour your own type of personality and flair on it. I’m envisioning a lot of brightly colored pens (for color coding of course).

Erin Condren 2017 LifePlanner

Erin Condren 2017 Luxe LifePlanner: Ushering in a New Age

The LifePlanner is like the matriarch of all planners. It has forged a path and set the bar on colorful, customizable planners. There are more cover options than you can even imagine because each LifePlanner can be customized, you can choose between three weekly layouts, and elect to have either the colorful or neutral color scheme inside the planner. The LifePlanner is perfect for students and anyone who wants a planner that helps them remember to live joyously each day.

In addition, there are tons of accessories to go along with the LifePlanner. Snap-in dashboards for lists, packing, meals, and reminders help you keep things organized, stickers and pens in the same colors help you color code your life, and fun bookmarks hold your place. If you love to jot down notes, brainstorm, or doodle, then there are plenty of lined, gridded, and blank pages for you to explore in the back. And I can’t forget to mention the goal setting and yearly planning pages you can find at the front and back of the planner.

If you want a planner that has proven itself to be functional and beneficial year after year, then the LifePlanner is the one for you.

2017 The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Emily Ley Simplified Planner Review

Life is hectic and noisy for most of us. That’s why Emily Ley created The Simplified Planner. It’s streamlined so you can focus on only the important stuff. The pages inside are clean with minimal color (but it’s still plenty colorful), there’s only a schedule, to-do list, box for notes, box for dinner, and one inspirational quote on each daily page. Simple to the max. This allows you to ignore the unimportant details in favor of what really matters in your life.

Because this planner is simple, there aren’t any goal-setting pages, notes pages, or extra things. This is a day planner, and all of that other stuff will have to be done in another notebook or journal. If you often find yourself overwhelmed by all the stuff that comes up in a day or week and the pressure today’s society has placed on us to do it all, then The Simplified Planner is what you need to reclaim your peace.

2017 PurpleTrail Planner

PurpleTrail Student Planner Review

If you like to have a plethora of options, then you need to check out PurpleTrail planners. PurpleTrail has more covers, layouts, sizes, and customization options than pretty much anyone else. Almost everything about the planners is customizable, from the cover colors to inner layouts, and soft or hard covers to extra add-ons. PurpleTrail offers the most comprehensive customization of any brand on the market.

There are two size options for you to choose from, horizontal and weekly layouts, student, family, and personal planners, and the full ability to design your own cover. You have the ability to add on stickers, folders, and a whole range of sections like fitness, baby, and meal tracking. You can add in extra note pages if you like to write things down or go with a bill tracker to keep up on your finances. Are you control freak? Then go with a PurpleTrail planner because you’re in full control of the look and function of it.

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Last modified on January 3rd, 2024

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