Real Talk With Sharri Jones, Executive Secretary at Sissy’s Log Cabin

Real Talk With Sharri Jones, Executive Secretary at Sissy's Log Cabin

When it comes to jewelry here in our home state of Arkansas, there’s no better place to shop than Sissy’s Log Cabin. This family-owned-and-managed business has grown from one small store to four stores in prominent locations — plus, their jewelry is to die for (which we metaphorically did during our visit). We got to talk with Sharri Jones, the executive secretary, daughter-in-law of Sissy, and a member of the board of directors, about how they built their jewelry empire, how she manages to keep track of everything, and how much fun it is to work with diamonds.

Name: Sharri Jones
Location: Little Rock, AR /  Pine Bluff, AR
Title: Executive Secretary + Member of Sissy’s Board of Directors
Company: Sissy’s Log Cabin
What it is: A high-end jewelry store
Educational Background: Bachelor’s in elementary education at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

How did you get into the jewelry business?

[My husband] Bill’s mother, Sissy, started the business in 1970 as an antique store. Then she started selling jewelry on the side for her friends and for the bank when there would be a big trust come with jewelry that they didn’t know what to do with. Sissy would handle all of the estates. Then Bill went to gemology school and the rest is history.

I love that it’s a family business.

We have our son William in the business, our son Wyatt works here. He’s going to gemology school in January, so he’ll be in the business. And we have another son who’s the assistant manager at the Jonesboro store.

Is Little Rock your main store?

This is where we are most of the time, yes.

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