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Beauty Box 5 April 2017 Review

beauty box 5 review
This post may contain affiliate links and we will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on our link. Read the Disclosure Policy.

Disclosure: The following product(s) may have been sent to Earn Spend Live in exchange for a review. All opinions are the author’s own.

Update 3/19/18: Beauty Box 5’s website has closed down, they have not updated their social media accounts since August 28, 2017, and they are not responding to customer emails. 

If you want more bang for your beauty box buck, then Beauty Box 5 is the place to look. If you don’t want to choose between a cheap, sample-focused beauty box (like Ipsy or Birchbox) and a more expensive “luxury” box that features deluxe and full-size items, then BB5 is a great (and cost-effective) happy medium. Though it is slightly more expensive at $12 a month, it’s actually the same price or cheaper than boxes like Ipsy and Birchbox ($9/mo) if you subscribe for three or 12 months at a time.

The April Beauty Box 5 was no exception to their standard of providing high-quality, (mostly) full-size products for an amazing value.

The Products:

beauty box 5 review

The theme for this month’s box is “Stay Golden,” and the products include:

  • Be a Bombshell Blush: full-size/$6 value
  • Did Hair Gold Bobby Pins: full-size/$8.50 value
  • BB5 Highlight Fan Brush: full-size/$12 value
  • Jean Pierre Vitamin-C Sheet Mask: $2.60 value ($12.99 for full-size; set of 5)
  • Sweep Rose Gold Lash Curler: full-size/$15.99 value

I love that Beauty Box 5 consistently sends unique items along with the traditional beauty products — like these adorable Did Hair Gold bobby pins and Sweep Rose Gold eyelash curler, for example. While you know you’ll receive products that are consistent with the latest makeup trends, you can also count on a dose of practicality in any given BB5 box — which I really appreciate, because I don’t need to try these products to know that they’ll be useful. I mean, what girl doesn’t have a use for bobby pins?

I am in love with the color of the Be a Bombshell blush in this box as well. In my experience, most beauty boxes typically send blushes that are entirely too pink or orange-tinted for my fair complexion. But this bronze-colored blush is perfect — it’s exactly what I would have picked out for myself on my own. I also love the BB5 Highlight Fan Brush that came with the blush — you can use the blush as a highlighter with the brush or you can use the brush on its own with a different highlighter. I already tried it with my morning makeup routine and I love the way it lightly dusts the highlighter onto your cheekbones.

Finally, any sheet mask is an automatic win. Whoever came up with sheet masks needs to be my BFF, because I firmly believe they are the best invention ever. I used to hate applying face masks because they are so messy (to apply and to remove), but I love how easy sheet masks are to put on and take off — and how well they work! I’m excited to give the Jean Pierre Vitamin-C Sheet Mask a try.

The Value: $45 Total

Beauty Box 5 prides itself on always providing mostly full-sized products, and promises that the value will always exceed at least $35. With this month’s box containing four out of five full-size products valued at $45, I’d say they kept their word. (Not to mention, all of that was crammed into their signature teeny-tiny, adorable box! #efficiency)

The Verdict: Is Beauty Box 5 Worth It?

I’ve said it before, but my favorite thing about Beauty Box 5 is simply that they’re different than most beauty boxes. Not only do they offer bigger, higher-valued products, but they also manage to keep their price point incredibly affordable. How they do it, I have no idea — but I’ll take it!

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Last modified on March 19th, 2018

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