EVEsdropping: Equal Pay Day, Angela Kardashian, & Michelle Obama’s Hair

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Although EVEsdropping typically comes out each Wednesday, we decided to put this one out a day early in honor of Equal Pay Day (which is April 4th this year). What is Equal Pay Day? We’re so glad you asked!

National Equal Pay Day is the day in the year women must work to “catch up” to men’s earnings from the previous year. White women make 80% of what men make in the workplace, so it has taken us until today to make what men made in 2016.

  • African American women’s equal pay day will be July 31st.
  • Latina women’s equal pay day will be November 2nd.
  • Why does the gender pay gap exist? Here are a few reasons: https://actuallyshecan.com/Content/pdfs/mentorship/leadership_gender_gap.pdf
  • We put together a handy little infographic about the Pink Tax (aka all the sh*t we have to pay for that men don’t): https://earnspendlive.com/2017/04/pink-tax-how-expensive-woman/

What’s Going on in the News?

  • The Mindy Project will end after season six. </3
  • Rob Kardashian forgets his almost-kid is black.
  • Michelle Obama wearing her hair natural for the FIRST TIME IN MORE THAN 8 YEARS…publicly.

What We’re Loving This Week

  • Elise: My NECTAR mattress!!!! Check out my review: https://earnspendlive.com/2017/03/nectar-mattress-review/
  • Meleah: Book of the Month Club! Our office April box just came in and the books look great. Sign up at earnspendlive.com/go/bookofthemonth

Adulting Moments

  • Elise: I went to Pure Barre today and it kicked my ass. Might not seem like much of an “adulting” feat but I DON’T work out. Ever. And I’m trying to put my health first. Or at least second.
  • Meleah: I ripped down and then put up a ceiling. I’m moving into a super old house which means a lot of work for me, and a lot of updates about my house for you.

How are you celebrating Equal Pay Day? Asking for a raise? Calling out a mansplainer? Use our hashtag #JustEVEsdropping and let us know your stories!

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