Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Shopping for your fave feminist friend? Trying to think of what to tell your less-than-hip fam what to buy you? Luckily for you, I channeled my sadness at Hillary’s loss (I’m still not over it, but who is?) into rounding up a list of the most fabulously feminist gifts money can buy.

Books, Books, Books

Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Feminist Fight Club | Good Girls Revolt | We Should All Be Feminists | Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

You can’t be a woke feminist unless you’re woke, amirite? Feminist Fight Club is on my night stand right now and Good Girls Revolt is about to be my next obsession (I’ve been watching the show—it’s so worth signing up for Amazon Prime).

Lady Stationery

Feminist Notebook, available at Anthropologie
Floral Uterus Notebook, available on Etsy

Every badass lady needs a notebook. Where else can you write down your Vagenda of Manocide?


Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Tina Sticker, available at RedBubble
On Wednesdays We Smash the Patriarchy Sticker, available at RedBubble

Feminist stickers make regular, everyday items into social statements. Scratch that, they make your regular everyday items into SASSY social statements.

Pencils Motivational Pencils, available on Paper Source

Whether you use them to make notes in your Feminist notebook or just put them on your desk, they’ll give you a burst of confidence whenever you need it.


Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Feminist Box, available at Feminist Apparel
B-Hive Membership, available at Bitch Media

For the gal who loves one-of-a-kind indie gifts you’d never find on your own (or who just loves subscription boxes), the Feminist Box is perfect. A subscription to Bitch Magazine is perfect for the feminist who likes to stay up-to-date on feminist news.

Sassy T-Shirts

“Riots Not Diets” Sweatshirt, available on Feminist Apparel
“Girl Power” T-shirt, available on Amazon
“Don’t Tell Me to Smile” Tee, available on Feminist Apparel
“Nasty Woman” T-shirt, available at Google Ghost
“A Woman’s Place” T-shirt, available at Wicked Clothes

I don’t know about you, but the results of this election has me wanting to shout “I’m a feminist” from the rooftops. Loud and proud, all that jazz. Shouting is frowned upon, so let your clothes do it for you.


“Feminist” Necklace, available on Etsy
“Feminist” Hat, available on Amazon
Rosie the Riveter Socks, available on Amazon

I dare you to try to let yourself be manterrupted when you’re wearing Rosie the Riveter socks.

Coloring Book

Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Feminist Activity Book, available on Amazon
Color Her: Mix ‘n Match Coloring Book, available on Amazon
Women’s History Coloring Book, available on Etsy

Coloring books have always been the best, and these are perfect for tapping into the confidence of your 7-year-old-self.

Home Decor

“Uteruses Before Duderuses” Wall Art, available on Etsy
“Smash the Patriarchy” Ornament, available on Amazon
“Feminist” Throw Pillow, available on Amazon
Flannery O’Connor Print, available on Etsy

Your home is your castle, so make it the best lady-castle anyone has ever seen.


Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

Confidence Tote Bag, available on Etsy
“Pizza Not Patriarchy” Tote, available at Society6

I never understood the point of tote bags until I just started carrying one around—and they are so damn handy! They are small when you’re not using them, but are big enough to carry planners, books, your lunch, and anything else you need.

Coffee Mugs

Gift Ideas for the Feminist in Your Life

“Smash the Patriarchy” Mug, available on RedBubble
“Such as Nasty Woman” Mug, available on RedBubble
Smart Girls Coffee Mug, available at Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Because we haven’t innovated a solution to deliver coffee in an IV, we’ve got to drink it out of a cup. On the bright side, at least there are some seriously great coffee cups out there.

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